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    Default The perfume forgery industry

    Bought a whole case of Ambro miniatures off ebay and picked them up personally as it turned out the guy had his storage across from where I work. A pleasant Bosnian fellow with a lot of sales contacts in France. He was saying that ebay was not really paying off anymore because he was regularly undersold on standard frags (Armani, Gucci, Dior etc.) because he was buying genuine stuff wholesale etc., say for 30 Euros, selling at 50 what costs 70 in standard retail, while a really significant percentage of dealers on ebay sold at 30 because they were buying (very good) forgeries, e.g. in Belgium, at 7 Euros. He claimed there was big time industrial production of forged scents which your average consumer could not tell from the original, down to the bottle and packaging.

    Well, it got me wondering. Is this an open secret in the perfume business, or was he exagerrating? Do you know of any literature on large scale high quality perfume forgery or have any information on this in the US, Europe, Asia?

    Oh yeah, like the Ambro. Got a lifetime supply now, too

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    Default Re: The perfume forgery industry

    Good links Luca. These should be added to the FAQ section. This post is scary, no one wants to pay for fake stuff.
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