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    Default Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Hello all. I've been coming here for the past year or so as I've become more interested in fragrances. I'm constantly amazed at all the nuances that go along with each fragrance but I'm usually never happy with anything I try.

    I've been wearing Caleche (Hermes) for 30 yrs. Yep...almost exclusively. I've tried Dioressence, Dolce and Gabbana, Tresor, Doblis and Lt. Blue. The only ones I 'might' wear once in a while is Doblis and Lt. Blue but even then I usually go back to my default. It's rare that someone doesn't ask me what I'm wearing, or make a comment on how good it smells and I'm still in love with it after all these years.

    My question is: I noticed that Guy Robert created Caleche and I was wondering if those who create these scents tend to create similar fragrances? I was reading that he also created Amouage Gold but have not yet gone out to sample it. Can I expect it to be similar? Or should I just look at the notes of Caleche and look for similar notes in other fragrances rather than fragrances by the same creator.

    See? So much to learn about fragrances. I reminds me of learning about fine wines...which I don't know anything about either...but I'm learning.

    Looking forward to hearing suggestions and learning a thing or two about "Basenotes" from you all


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    Default Re: Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Welcome to Basenotes. I don't really have answers to your questions, but I can still give you a warm welcome!

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    Default Re: Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Hi there, I'm glad you came forward and de-lurked

    Good question as well, and unfortunately I cannot give you a totally satisfying answer. I've sampled both the ladies and mens version of Amouage Gold and while not familiar with Caleche, I'm familiar with a bunch of Hermès other fragrances and Gold is for me the total oposite of what the Hermès ones give me. I hope someone who knows your fragrance can give you a more precise answer, since I'm out on a limb here. Oh, Guy Robert also created the Christian Dior you listed, maybe you have your answer right there.

    Taking note of who created a fragrance you like and then seek out some other fragrances the person is responsible for is a great way of discovering fragrances, or dwelling deeper into one fragrance house. I love both ways...

    Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Welcome! Welcome!

    I'm no perfume expert just because I'm a perfume addict but...

    I'm fond of Jean-Claude Ellenia and I think he has a definate translucent style. I'm also fond of Christopher Sheldrake (the Lutens nose) and certainly the Lutens have a cohesive personality.

    I would caution you not to depend too much on listed notes as they can be very, very, very misleading---the notes are often poetical(marketing BS) and can be used in whopping doses or homeopathic dilutions. Many note listings, or maybe all, are incomplete as well. I use notes as a starting point only.

    I've taken both approaches, however, with much fun had. I have tried most Lutens and own many. I have tried most Ellenia's, and own some.

    I've explored rose fragrances to extreme, and gardenia frags to the far extreme. I own absurdly too many of both.

    Advice? Use the directory to find all frags by your nose of choice and try the ones with interesting notes. Also, feel free to post on the main board, which I think gets more traffic, and desribe your signature by name and nose and notes, and further the qualities in it you admire. Say what you are looking for....similiar, sweeter, drier, lighter, more green, less earthy, not so powdery, etc.

    Someone will probable have something helpful to say! Just not me. I haven't explored Hermes yet!
    Please, spritz responsibly.
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    Default Re: Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Quote Originally Posted by VanityConfidential
    ...but I'm usually never happy with anything I try.
    I'm hard to please, too, VC. About 18 months ago I began paying attention to fragrances for the first time ever and have now sampled over 300! Look at my wardrobe, and you'll see I've found only five frags worthy of a five-star rating (and certainly have not thought any of them a "holy grail"). I haven't seen much correlation between what I like and its creator.

    Part of why I'm hard to please, and maybe you have something going on like this too, is I cannot detect certain notes (iris and violet). This can throw off the balance of a number of frags.

    Welcome, welcome, and please speak up often.
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    Default Re: Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Welcome to Basenotes . Guy Roberts had a different approach in making the Amouage scents. The Gold , Silver and Dia will not be like Caleche or in that family. I do believe the Amouage Ciel may be more towards your taste. If you have not sampled it yet , please send me a PM.

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