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    Wink Scary Question ! ! ! !

    Would you of have you ever worn ........ Copy perfume , you know the fakey ones , smell alikes Come on fess up and what were they like

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    Wink Re: Scary Question ! ! ! !

    Scary Question ! ! ! !


    Would you Or have you ever worn ........ Copy perfume , you know the fakey ones , smell alikes Come on fess up and what were they like

    Sorry bad speller

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    Wink Re: Scary Question ! ! ! !

    No, I have never tried it; much too scary!!!

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    Default Re: Scary Question ! ! ! !

    I wore them all the time in the form of the body sprays back in middle school. they're fine. not the same, but fine.
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    You betcha I have. I have, and currently still am, wearing such fakes as Pink Sugar, Vera Wang, Lovely, Baby Grace, Pure Grace, Petite Cherie, Chinatown and several others that I ordered from Suds 'n Light. Michelle makes some mighty fabulous fakes and some are actually better than the originals at a fraction of the price.

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    Sure - right now I have a huge bottle of a Premier Figuier "dupe" called Figuier by Bathed & Infused. I like it just because it's a great fig scent. I have "dupes" of many others in shower gel and lotion format, too.

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    I tried a Kai dupe from Cape Cod Creatives....smells pretty good on the bottle cap but was a shocker stink to wake up to after a nap. My Kai arm was still delightful.
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    OK OK, I'll fess up...back in the 80's I wore some Giorgio dupe. I was 14 and couldn't get my chubby little hands on any real Giorgio Beverly Hills. I even had the dupe scented hairspray! JINKIES!! At 17, I got a big bottle of the real deal, and the dupe was NICER! I have nothing against dupes. I'd love to find a good dupes of Carons: En Avion, Farnesiana and Montaigne.

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    I wore both Parfums de Coeur versions of Eternity and Escape in the early 90s. Frankly I couldn't smell any difference with the originals, also good staying power.

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    Default Re: Scary Question ! ! ! !

    There used to be a little place in the French Quarter (New Orleans) where a wonderful woman made "smells like...." perfumes, not fakes, but similar to famous frags. They were supposed to be all-natural, with no synthetics, and they were wonderful, and fairly expensive, too. Little roll-ons. I doubt she's still there, though....

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    oh god--here's my scary answer---i wore a dupe of a perfume i would NEVER wear in its reality---fantasy (B&I makes this)---it was fabu! dupes done by sss or ava-luxe on the other hand...never scary and always welcome in my wardrobe and worn proudly!
    made enough money to buy miami but i pissed it away so fast (jimmy buffett) on perfume (my daughter's addition)

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