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    Question Sonoma Scent Studio?

    Does anyone have any experience with Sonoma Scent Studio, or favorites from there? I want to order some samples and they have a wide selection!
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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio?

    I've ordered from them since they started up (I think I was the first to receive samples!) and they keep getting better and better. Laurie really knows how to make a fragrance! SSS is on some type of break right now and I'm chomping at the bit till they come back because I've got a few things I want to order. I highly recommend them, and their customer service is fabulous.

    Forgot to add favorites. Right now mine are (in edp):
    Vanilla Bean Patch
    Honey Musk
    Ambre Bois
    Sandalwood Vanilla
    Créme de Bois
    Gardenia Peach Musk
    Dark Honey Musc
    White Peach
    Apricot Rose
    Tea Rose
    Simple Pleasure
    Vanille Pear
    Chai Double Latte
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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio?

    I've ordered from Laurie many times. Her customer service is great. My favorite is her Incense Lily. I also like Marrakech, Sanctuary and her dupes of Ambra del Nepal and Venezia.

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    Wink Re: Sonoma Scent Studio?

    it's about all i buy lately! MY favs--violette encens---fireside--tabac pour homme...oh heck---i should just tell you what i DON'T like---almost everything is a winner/can't go wrong here! laurie's a DOLL!
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    Smile Re: Sonoma Scent Studio?

    Well, now I'm sad she's on vacation because I'm definitely putting in an order, just don't know which to try first....My faves are Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue, Feminite de Bois and Herba Fresca. Hmmmm, I'll send her an email to get her opinion.
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