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    Default New member checking in

    Hey folks! I'm really excited to be here! I'm currently a junior in high school in Houston and I have recently developed an *early* love for fragrances...something that my parents hate and love, LOL.

    I currently have two frags in my pocession, both by Davidoff: Cool Water and Good Life. I like both of them, but I tend to prefer Cool Water because most women tend to prefer it (hehe).

    I began searching and browsing through this site a few weeks ago and found it to be extreamly informative. Hopefully my young age would not fit into your classic "OMG, we have a kid! He can't be serious!"

    I noticed that some of the most desired male scents are made by the House of Creed. Hmm. Isn't that a band? I did some more research and every time I clicked, I became more intrigued. Imagine my interest when I found out that only Neiman Marcus stocks it (the place with $5000 wool suits, $400 shirts, and $200 ties :/).

    So I went there. I traveled down to Neiman Marcus at the Galleria to try out the *famous* Creed scents...

    Whoo wee! They even have a special counter for them and they're all lined up in a beautiful fashion. The first one I tried out was the "famous" GIT and it kind of caught my fancy, but nothing really special, IMHO. I find the topnotes of it to have a nicer bite to it than Cool Water. The basenotes I find are pretty similar, yet different, from CW. I liked it, but I can only imagine people walking up to me and saying "Nice! Is that Cool Water?"

    I'm looking for something different, so I set it down. I then tried on Himalaya. Don't know about others, but it came on very strong for me. I just could not see the hype about this scent. Perhaps I'll head back and try it again some other day, but it just didn't satisfy me.

    After that, the SA came by and asked if I needed any help. I was actually surprised that the wealth of info he provided for me. I thought that because I was a "kid" in his eyes, he would probably brush me off. He didn't and I applaud them for this (then again, his job IS to sell them, LOL). I tried BdP and also thought it came in strong. It had a very rich scent to it and I guess it just isn't suitable for my age group.

    I then asked him that I was looking for a "warm" scent (CW dosen't count as warm, does it?) and he presented Green Valley, MI, and one more that I forgot (didn't like it, guess that's why! Something with Silver Mountain, I think).

    Out of the three, I found MI to be the best Creed that I have smelled yet! He sprayed some one my skin and shirt and I just absolutely fell in love with it. It wasn't heavy and it "felt" like a freshy-warmy scent. This may be my next purchase...

    He then proceeded to let me sample some other brands and the first one up was Polo. I think it was Polo Black? I didn't like it...I don't know, but it just smelled very chemically. The next one he let me sample was Armani's Aqua Di Gio. It smelled nice, but every other kid on the block wears it. I wanted something unique that will turn heads where ever I go (CW is getting pretty popular around here). Then, he showed me Aramis. What ever it was, I didn't like it. No offense, but it smelled like the stuff restaurants use as air freshners in their restroom.

    He also showed me at least a dozen more which left my nose in olfactory hell at the end (and sniffing all that coffee didn't help much).

    Funny thing is, as I was walking though a Hollister shirt, a female employee (who was pretty cute) said that I smelled nice and asked what I was wearing. So I said "Well...lets see...I'm wearing Creed, Armani, Aramis,...." (you get the picture, )

    So if in doubt, spray on ten different frags and you'll *for sure!* turn heads!

    Well, if anyone does read though this post (if only MI lasted this long *sigh*), feel free to give me some pointers. If you have any good links to websites that I can read some more to gain an even greater understanding of the world of frags, please do not hesitate to post it.



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    Default Re: New member checking in

    Brian, Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: New member checking in

    hello and welcome to Basenotes!
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: New member checking in

    Welcome to Basenotes! Looks like you don't need any pointers; you are already on the right track. Sample, sample, sample, buy, buy, buy.

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    Default Re: New member checking in

    A very warm welcome to you, Brian.

    Silver Mountain Water is the name of the Creed you couldn't think of. I am surprised you didn't like it.

    Bois du Portugal is one of my favorites and I'm only a tad bit older than you are. It is a wearers fragrance. People who appreciate fragrances are the ones who would like this one the most.

    Warm fragrances (in my words) - smells that, generally, come with notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, chocolate, powder, rum, and many others. They bring a feeling of warmth because they are heavier, not like the lighter scents with aqua/citrus/fresh notes. They are usually more winter oriented. I hope it helps a little.

    Cool Water is a favorite of mine too. I find it to be very common though. I wear Chrome and Live Jazz to get away from the norm. so many people are stuck in.

    Millesome Imperial is an alright scent. I don't think it is very warm but this is my own opinion. It is more Creed than most Creeds. There is this note that is unique to the house of Creed and MI shows that note off like none other. If you like that scent then maybe you will like Unforgivable from Sean John. It is wildly popular but smells very similar.

    Welcome, once again, and I hope you can expand your wardrobe the way you want to.

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