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    Default Soon to be purchases at Ross

    I went to Ross the other day, and couldn't find the fragrances until after 5 minutes when I noticed them in the front. I started from the bottom up and didn't see anything that great on the bottom two rows. Then on the 3rd row I saw Gucci Envy, Escada Pour Homme, and D&G PH. All scents I wanted to buy. On the fourth row up what did I see? Bvlgari Black. No one was over at the fragrances so I just stood in line to tell her that I wanted to buy some colognes. Well it started pouring, and I mean pouring, and I had to be somewhere, so I had to leave empty handed....for now. I plan on going back tomorrow and purchasing Bvlgari Black and Gucci Envy. Then next time I got back Ill get Escada PH and D&G PH. Didnt really look to see what they had on the higher rows, and I'm hoping they had By Man there which also want. Itll be a fun fragrance week.

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    Default Re: Soon to be purchases at Ross

    Hey Spiritussancti,

    That sounds very good. Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.

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    Default Re: Soon to be purchases at Ross

    yow! how much were they? there's a ross not too far from me..

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    Default Re: Soon to be purchases at Ross

    Bvlgari Black was $32 for 2.5 fl oz
    Gucci Envy was $20 for 1.7 fl oz
    Escada PH was $20 for 2.5 fl oz
    D&G PH was $20 for 1.3 fl oz

    I didnt get to throughly look but I will either tomorrow or monday. God I cannot wait to see what else they had there that I missed.

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    Default Re: Soon to be purchases at Ross

    Too bad you weren't at my Ross... I got the Bvlgari Black for $22, the By Dolce & Gabbana Man for $17. I got the Escada PH at TJ Maxx for like $12. The By Man is probably my favorite of the bunch, I hope you have good luck and find it there! Still, even those price are great, and they are all good scents.

    I find Bvlgari Black and Gucci Envy to be very similar, but since I really like vanilla-based frags, I really don't mind having both. The one girl at work who loves smelling me (and I love smelling her in return... ) can't tell the difference between the two. Still, they are both wonderful!

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    Default Re: Soon to be purchases at Ross

    Whoa stuffman, getting a little too sexual. Sniffing other women? They are not objects! Haha. Yeah they are the best prices I could find. I have a sample of Envy and I love it. Black would be a blind buy but its supposed to smell like Tea for Two or Dzing!, one of those I cant remember, and I love them both. So I wouldnt mind having both either. Escada PH would be blind as well, and so would By Man. The reviews of them are very reassuring so I see it less as a risk and more as a surprise and an exciting adventure. Cant wait to smell these new fragrances. Going to Ross tomorrow, hopefully they restocked. I will make a new thread about what I get. And this time Ill be able to get three instead of two because the grass keeps growing and I keep cutting it, and I already saved what I make myself save every week. Plus some samples should be coming so, this week will be very good. Hopefully I can get over to a TJ MAxx and pick up some Opium too.
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