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    Default Help for my visit to NYC in August

    Hello everyone,
    I am Martin from Montreal, Canada.

    I will go to New York on August 9th, for perfume shopping. I wanted to check with you if you had any advice or special information to share with me regarding my trip.

    • Is there a sale at Barneys COOP (225 W, 17th St), starting in mid-August? Does it start on the 14th? I am planning to be there from 9th to 15th. I could not find the info on the Web…

    • Do you know any discount store (like TJ Maxx, Marshalls) known to have nice, possibly high-end bottles on sale (Floris, Creed, etc.)?

    • Do you know an affordable place to stay (private bedroom, shared washroom OK) close to Times Square?

    • Below is a list of scents I could not find in my 2 previous visits. Would anyone know in which store (in Manhattan, NY. No web or virtual store, thanks) I could try/buy these :
    o Hibiscus, by Acca Kappa
    o Lonestar Memories, by Andy Tauer
    o Te, by L'Aromarine
    o Ebano & Ebano, by J.& E. Atkinsons
    o Ebene, by Balmain
    o Stephanie, by Bourjois
    o Via Camerelle, by Carthusia
    o Oxford & Cambridge, by Czech & Speake
    o Minuit, by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (DSH)
    o Funeral Home, by Demeter
    o Miles, by Detaille
    o Eau de Lierre, by Diptyque
    o Homme de Coeur, by Divine
    o Uomo, by L'Erbolario
    o Desert, by Fragonard
    o My Man, by Fresh Scents by Terri
    o Jeff, by Gallimard
    o Vanity, by Gendarme
    o Sauvignonne, by Ginestet
    o Angelica, by Grandiflorum
    o Habit rouge edt legere
    o Sandalwood cologne, by Geo. F. Trumper.
    o Eau de Menthe, by Heeley
    o Rose Ikebana, Hermessence line by Hermès
    o 1969, by Histoires de Parfum
    o Fresco di Vetiver, by I Profumi di Firenze
    o Chocolat amer, by Il Profumo
    o Furyo, by Jacques Bogart
    o Golconda, by Jar
    o Jasper Conran Man, by Jasper Conran
    o Rose 31, by Le Labo
    o Idole, by Lubin
    o Incense, by Matthew Williamson
    o Lui, by Mazzolari
    o Vetiver, by Molinard
    o Vert d'Eau, by Les Nereides
    o Cuir Venenum (03), by Parfumerie generale (Pierre Guillaume)
    o Baladin, by Patricia de Nicolai
    o Dammuso, by Profumi di Pantelleria
    o Amethyst, by Sage Machado
    o Chene (non-import line), by Serge Lutens
    o Space NK man, by Space NK
    o Messer Jacopo, by Torrini
    o Trafalgar, by Truefitt & Hill

    • For those who live there, if you re interested, I could bring you these bargains we are having here right now : Te, by Beth Terri Creative (26$us), Lemon Sorbet, by Etro (32$us), Nouveau Gardenia 1oz, by DSH (10$us). Just a thought.

    Thank you so much for your patience and your help =^)

    Martin, looking forward to trying all those new scents

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    Default Re: Help for my visit to NYC in August

    Hey Martin, you can start at Bergdorf on 5th Avenue around 58th Street and then make your way over to Bond (2 blocks over). Then head back down 5th to pass Takashimaya, Bendels, and Saks. This will cover many of the niche scents on your list. If you stay in Times Square at the Days Inn or Milford Plaza (both my regular locales and both quite reasonably priced), it's a 15 minute walk over to 5th. At Times Square you'll have a Perfumania and Sephora to browse. Once your done with these, I recommend heading over to the Le Labo boutique, Barney's, and a quick trip over to Brooklyn to visit I Hate Perfume. If you have time, check out Malin + Goetz, New London Pharmacy, Caron, LAFCONY, L'Artisan's new shop, Aedes and Comme des Garcons. For discount fragrance shopping, you'll find a TJ Maxx at 620 Ave. Of The Americas. I'm sure there are other places to shop, but these are my usual haunts! Have fun and good luck!


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    Default Re: Help for my visit to NYC in August

    I take it you go to NYC a lot Marlen? Haha

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