Hello everyone,
I am Martin from Montreal, Canada.

I will go to New York on August 9th, for perfume shopping. I wanted to check with you if you had any advice or special information to share with me regarding my trip.

• Is there a sale at Barneys COOP (225 W, 17th St), starting in mid-August? Does it start on the 14th? I am planning to be there from 9th to 15th. I could not find the info on the Web…

• Do you know any discount store (like TJ Maxx, Marshalls) known to have nice, possibly high-end bottles on sale (Floris, Creed, etc.)?

• Do you know an affordable place to stay (private bedroom, shared washroom OK) close to Times Square?

• Below is a list of scents I could not find in my 2 previous visits. Would anyone know in which store (in Manhattan, NY. No web or virtual store, thanks) I could try/buy these :
o Hibiscus, by Acca Kappa
o Lonestar Memories, by Andy Tauer
o Te, by L'Aromarine
o Ebano & Ebano, by J.& E. Atkinsons
o Ebene, by Balmain
o Stephanie, by Bourjois
o Via Camerelle, by Carthusia
o Oxford & Cambridge, by Czech & Speake
o Minuit, by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (DSH)
o Funeral Home, by Demeter
o Miles, by Detaille
o Eau de Lierre, by Diptyque
o Homme de Coeur, by Divine
o Uomo, by L'Erbolario
o Desert, by Fragonard
o My Man, by Fresh Scents by Terri
o Jeff, by Gallimard
o Vanity, by Gendarme
o Sauvignonne, by Ginestet
o Angelica, by Grandiflorum
o Habit rouge edt legere
o Sandalwood cologne, by Geo. F. Trumper.
o Eau de Menthe, by Heeley
o Rose Ikebana, Hermessence line by Hermès
o 1969, by Histoires de Parfum
o Fresco di Vetiver, by I Profumi di Firenze
o Chocolat amer, by Il Profumo
o Furyo, by Jacques Bogart
o Golconda, by Jar
o Jasper Conran Man, by Jasper Conran
o Rose 31, by Le Labo
o Idole, by Lubin
o Incense, by Matthew Williamson
o Lui, by Mazzolari
o Vetiver, by Molinard
o Vert d'Eau, by Les Nereides
o Cuir Venenum (03), by Parfumerie generale (Pierre Guillaume)
o Baladin, by Patricia de Nicolai
o Dammuso, by Profumi di Pantelleria
o Amethyst, by Sage Machado
o Chene (non-import line), by Serge Lutens
o Space NK man, by Space NK
o Messer Jacopo, by Torrini
o Trafalgar, by Truefitt & Hill

• For those who live there, if you re interested, I could bring you these bargains we are having here right now : Te, by Beth Terri Creative (26$us), Lemon Sorbet, by Etro (32$us), Nouveau Gardenia 1oz, by DSH (10$us). Just a thought.

Thank you so much for your patience and your help =^)

Martin, looking forward to trying all those new scents