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    Thumbs up The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    Well, as I was at L.S. Ayres... I mean Macy's today, I had to head to the ol' toilet-watering hole known as the Men's Fragrance counter.

    There, I spotted the bottle of Davidoff's Silver Shadow in eau de toilette form. As we all know, this scent, while popular in Europe, didn't hit the US and Canada until a few weeks ago, nor has it been talked about much here on Basenotes. But it's here, complete with a gift with purchase of a nice duffel bag, yours with any Silver Shadow purchase of $62.50 or more (sorry, couldn't resist).

    So I spritzed it on, smelling the kinda-generic top notes. Then, I browsed around the store and noticed a smell radiating around me that smelled like Dior's Hypnotic Poison. Never mind that Ayres stopped carrying Hypnotic Poison a while back... I thought "where could the aroma be coming from"?

    I sniffed my wrist... it was ME! Yes, Silver Shadow's drydown smells awfully similar to one of my fave women's scents. I noticed that both share a heavy dose of amber and benzoin in the drydown. Yummy.

    Still, I was awfully surprised by this one. Don't slap it just because it came from the house that gave us that GIT ripoff known as Cool Water... sniff it for yourself.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    I have it and recently got the Pure Blend. I have to say I was suprised too! I had kinda written the scent off as a bit boring but good for work, but then after 30mins, it transfromed into something much more complex and enjoyable than I had first thought! The Pure Blend is even nicer, deeper and more of a true oriental with cinnamon too!

    Have a go of the Pure Blend!
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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    I just went to the store today and tried this as well. It is quite nice. It reminds both me and my S.O. of a drink. Maybe cream soda. I can't quite place it but it is nice. I am definitely considering purchasing it.

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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    I too had a pleasant run-in with Silver Shadow this weekend. It smelled great on the card, and I decided I'd go all-out and put it on as if I were applying my daily fragrance (I didn't put anything on because I knew I'd be visiting some places and I'd probably end up buying stuff)- a couple sprays to the neck and chest, and one on the wrist. Something in this strongly reminds me of marshmallows or that "Fluff" stuff, but much more rich and complex. The longevity was excellent, and even though it isn't exactly a cool-weather scent, it wasn't too heavy or cloying in the heat even though it's quite sweet. I didn't get to try the pure blend, but I look forward to that one as well. Definately on my "to-get" list.

    The reason I didn't buy it was that it was 20% off weekend for TJX employees (TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc.), and I hit up all the stores in the area. I got another bottle of M7 (only $8.00!!!), M7 aftershave lotion, and Davidoff Goodlife for like $28 total, plus a couple nice T-shirts. Maybe the Silver Shadow can be picked up next payday...

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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    Bought this yesterday for $29.99 3.4 OZ at TJ Maxx.

    Reminds me of Boss Bottled at start, then morphs into Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man.
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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    I saw it for sale at Marshalls today but it does not sound like it is for me.

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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    The subject Title line of this thread, sounds like a comic book title
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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    My local Marshalls is packed full with large sprays...I feel this scent is being pulled from the US market. Reason Davidoff did not advertise and push this scent much here...

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    Default Re: The Silver Shadow Shocker...

    What Chuck said about Boss Bottled is quite accurate. I would love to try the Pure version.

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