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    Default Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Miss Balmain just checked in to Quarry's Home for Girls (girls' fragrances, that is). She's going to be sharing a shelf with Cabochard, and just one of them will have her contract renewed (and become FBW)--they are so similar, only one can be the Star Leather Chypre. (Jolie Madame is too timid to enter the competition. Bandit didn't make the cut. Daim Blond is off sulking somewhere. Dzing! is already co-starring as a featured leather player.)

    Miss Balmain--gardenia, thujone, coriander, fresh citrus note, aldehydes, jasmine, lily of the valley, narcissus, orris, carnation, rose, daffodil, patchouli, castoreum, leather, vetiver, amber, oakmoss.

    Grès Cabochard--bergamot, mandarin, aldehydes, galbanum, ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, clove buds, oakmoss, tobacco, musk, iris, sandalwood, vetiver, leather, castoreum, patchouli and labdanum.

    Adding to the drama, MB has been discontinued, whereas a Cab is easy to find. Mmmm, the sillage, the floral, the leather. This is going to be grueling work, choosing the best of the best, but somebody's got to do it. The thing that may tip the scales is the spicey notes. If one becomes more obviously spicey (Ms. Cabochard, I see that clove note!), she'll be sent packing.

    Obviously, I'm enjoying my first moments with my 1/3 oz. decant of Miss Balmain purchased from ebay seller honeysucklehollow. Just $8.50 + $1.13 S&H. Very good deal! Especially since the seller bumped up the quantity from 1/6 oz. as a bonus.

    If you've got opinions/thoughts/stories about these frags, please share. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    I love them both and would find it hard to choose one to get rid of.
    Why not audition them both on different days and see which one gets
    the most compliments or makes you feel the most special?
    I have had quite a long break from Cab. but can't hold out much longer.
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    Wink Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Without being able to explain you WHY, really, but my true belief is that Cabochard is the star, and Miss Balmain the understudy.
    I haven`t sniffed either of them for some years, but MB never impressed me much. I don`t think I found them that similar, either.
    I will get me a bottle of Cabochard next time cash comes my way, btw!

    (I don`t know if I should thank you for reminding me of this beautiful scent, or not.....hrmm...)

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    Default Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Ok! I have and love both. They are both HG chypres for me, but without a doubt Cabochard is the Diva that deserves top billing in the leather chypre show.

    Miss Balmain is a true beauty but I can get my 'fix' of her from other scents. For me, though she is a well turned out chypre in the classic style, she is the main understudy for my true green leather chypre love - Givenchy III. Other beauties I would pick over her are Mitsouko parfum, Montana Parfum de Peau and even Jolie Madame (which I also love - violets with chypre leather? Sublime!).

    Cabochard (which I happen to have in EDT & parfum, as well as in vintage and modern formulations) is completely its own being. The spice reminds me of India and spice trails (similar to that evoked by the opening notes of Guerlain's Mahora), whilst the leather chypre base is so well balanced that it calls to mind Tabac Blond - independent, feisty, assertive but always the lady. The vintage Cabochard is much softer and feminine then the modern formulation, but the scent's true beauty remains. Coolly passionate, warmly aloof with a relaxed formality which makes it perfect for most occassions. Cabochard is quite a distinct scent and the only one that has truly come close to it is Alix, also by Gres and long discontinued. I am even underwhelmed by the illustrious Piguet Bandit because Cabochard has more 'balls'.

    I could wax lyrical about this beauty for hours but I think I have made my point. I say have both - they will bring much enjoyment and you will have to replace them in no time. But if a choice has to be made then I say "bye bye Miss Balmain."

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    Default Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Of these two Cabochard is definitely the winner (but I prefer Bandit to it).

    Miss Balmain is, well, Miss B, not "A".
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    Default Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Another vote for Cabochard--I hope it's vintage! I like Miss B, too, but it can't compare!

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    Default Re: Miss Balmain vs. Cabochard: Who's the understudy, who's the star?

    Please keep them both. Cabochard is the star, can't wear Bandit either.
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