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    Default Aussie Basenoters - Bargain time

    Hi fellow Australian Basenoters,
    I checked the shoppersdirect site last night, and noticed that things are getting really cheap there at

    The prices for Caron, Versace, YSL, Paco Rabanne, Lanvin etc are the cheapest I've seen anywhere here ever. At $22 for a bottle of Gianfranco Ferre's Pontaccio 21, I couldn't resist buying another one. I also picked up cheap bottles of Kouros and XS. Just remember to click on both the "Perfumes for Him" and "Testers for Him" buttons, else you may wind up paying a few dollars extra for the box.

    In the "Perfumes for Both" section, they're selling Extase Body Talk. I think this was meant to be Mulhen's answer to CK One. It's pretty good, but I found it a tad too feminine. But at $4.62 a bottle, I bought five of them - very handy for birthdays of females around the place.
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