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    There have been threads here about where to get essential oils to help spot notes or just to enjoy. And what I've learned is it is not really good to wear these. They are too concentrated. But I was visiting and noticed they sell single note perfumes. So I jumped over the samples page, and their price is very good. Only $1 per sample. So I ordered a bunch, but have only gotten around to wearing their two musks. I hope to get through all of them, and then maybe fool around with layering them.

    Has anyone else tried these? Or have you tried something similar from another source?

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    Well, some single note perfumes are better off mixed with others, whilst others smell good just by themselves.

    Among the single note attars I like are
    Ruh e Khus (Vetiver)
    Damra (some Indian plant that I don't know the western name of, but its damn good)
    Zafran (Saffron)
    Green Musk (though, its too heavy and gets to be cloying)
    Champa (too flowery, but good enough)
    Kewra (again, dunno the western name of this plant, but smells nice, fresh and green)

    You might try layering/mixing a few and see what you get. Some combinations are sandalwood/saffron, sandalwood/rose, khus/white musk/saffron etc etc.. experiment.

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