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    Default Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    Hey has anyone tried the Davidoff Cool Water Summer Fizz? There's no review here, or anywhere that I looked.

    It smells like Cool Water mixed with Lemon Pine sol - but it manages to do so in a good way! After 10 minutes or so, it calms down and gets softer and warmer. I really like it.

    And has anyone seen Cool Water Deep Summer Fizz? I've seen pictures of it on Polish and eastern European websites (also Echo summer fizz), but not in north america. Deep is my favourite of that line, so I'm curious about the fizz.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    I've seen it and smelt it, and I found Cool Water Deep Summer Fizz my fave out of those, but I prefer CKone summer for a summer citrus.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    SO where can one find the Deep Fizz? Deep is my favourite Cool Water. In what was is CK similar or better?

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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    The ONLY place I've seen Cool Water Summer Fizz is at Sephora. It's an OK frag, if you like the original. To me, it's the same as the original Cool Water with a burst of lemon on top.
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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    surprisingly i have smelled this in a local department store.
    cool water fizz:
    I'm surprised davidoff just didn't name the fragrance: "Tangueray and tonic water with a squeeze of lemon/lime ... Eau de toilette"

    smells like my favorite drink..
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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    Hey it doesn't taste that bad either! Ha.

    I'm really curious about the Deep fizz. Can't find it anywhere on the internet.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Summer Fizzes

    Thanks - but that's not the one I meant - there's also Cool Water "Deep" and ac Cool Water Deep version of SUmmer Fizz. That's just the regular summer fizz, which I have and which is great.

    I'm looking for this one - - in north america!

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