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    Default Marshall's and TJMaxx today

    Very poor selection today. None of Guerlain AAs is left, just a few bottles of other non-Guerlain scents, and today was their truck day. I guess, they are preparing for non-tax clothing sales this weekend and totally neglecting fragrance counters.

    At Marshall's I saw CK Eternity Purple Orchid, Givenchy L'Interdit, Marc Jacobs Blush, Lacoste Aquazur, Kenneth Cole (not black), Jil Sander #4, Cacharel Noa Fleur and Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue After Five. Almost bought L'Interdit unsniffed, but left empty-handed.

    At TJMaxx I bought Rochas Tocade 50ml EdT refillable bottle for 14.99. It was a safe buy since I had it once before, although I am not sure where to go for refills. All of the fun French Metropolitain fragrances named after the stations of Parisian Metro that I saw there in June are gone, on the other hand Moschino Cheap'n'Chic, Oscar de la Renta Oscar and Intrusion Edt, two Escadas Rockin' Rio and Pacific Paradise are still there. I wanted to buy Jean Patou Enjoy, but they did not have any.

    No lack of Liz Taylor though.
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    Default Re: Marshall's and TJMaxx today

    Tocade! I love this one. I'll have to find a Marshall's or a TJ Maxx. There aren't any near-by. We had a Marshall's a few years ago, but it closed down.

    I wish I had Tocade today. It would calm my nerves. My sons' bathroom (upstairs over the garage) had a major toilet over-flow flood that leaked through the floor and through the ceiling all over my convertible, which, as luck would have it, was open. I've been mopping nasty water and trying to clean up for hours. Icky mess. I'm going to imagine Tocade to make myself feel better!

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    Default Re: Marshall's and TJMaxx today

    Hey that bathroom leak sounds pretty nasty and I sympathize. I have both a T.J's and a Marshall's nearby and I might just check them out tomorrow.


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