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    Echo? Echo? Echo? Echo...

    I guess that's a really crappy joke, but I want to know what people think about Davidoff Echo. I love most of the Davidoff Cool Waters, Deep being my favourite, though I found the eponymous Davidoff to be awful. Speaking of which I'l be selling a bottle of it here...

    How does Echo compare? Does it smell like any other fragrance I might know? I can get a bottle really cheap, so it's worth a blind buy, though I read some reviews on this site about monkey vomit!

    Just want to know what people think.
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    I keep a mini of this at work to use when my SOTD fades out. It is a decent scent somewhat like Azzaro Chrome with that soapy metallic smell. I did get a compliment from someone at work who asked if I was wearing Hugo.

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    My favorite bottle! Also the juice is pretty good - just what I was looking for this summer. The scent is not terribly unlike Chrome, but it is smoother and more clean. It really smells exactly how it is marketed to smell: metal, liquid, air. It is very synthetic, but pleasant nevertheless, and never gets cloying in any weather. If you're a fan of Chrome or Tommy T, you'll feel right at home with this.

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