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    Default A little reward...

    I just received a nice evaluation for my job performance and a nice raise to go with it. I also have around $75 sitting in my paypal account.

    So, I want to get a nice scent to reward myself. Where I live, the temps will stay in the 80 degree range through November. Then we have a very mild winter (lows in the 40's and 50's). Winter goes away in mid-March.

    My choices:

    A Bond No. 9 : Bleecker, Chez, New Haarlem, HOT Always


    Fresh Cannabis Santal

    or perhaps even Creed Bois du Portugal

    Bearing in mind my climate and possibilities, what do you people think I should get?

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    Aqua motu by csp or Philosycos by dyptique!!! both awesome in the hot weather , i am going to layer mine with something darker in the colder months!
    coor blimey mary poppins, is that Aqua Motu or the penguins?

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    The only one I'm familiar with is the Cannabis Santal and it is one of my favorites. A worthy fragrance and you won't smell it on others since it has only been out a short time.

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    Thanks, Dan. If you're wearing that in Georgia this time of year, it may be worth my money.

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    I'd go for the Cannabis Santal.

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    Creed Bois du Portugal

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    Default Re: A little reward...

    I went with Bond No. 9 New Haarlem! I won a 3.3 OZ spray for $81 off Ebay. S&H is an extra $9, so with my $70 in paypal I'll add $20 out-of-pocket.

    My Birthday is coming up, so I'll ask my wife for the Cannabis Santal. I can wait 4 weeks for that!

    Thanks for all your input. I found myself in the mood for the "gourmet" type scents.


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