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    Thumbs up notes for some frags from Givenchy


    Amarige Mimosa de Grasse: (EDT) -harvest edition
    top: Neroli, Green note, Wet note
    mid: Mimosa absolu from Grasse 2005 harvest, Ylang Ylang, Blackcurrant.
    base: Cashemira Sandalwood, Amber, Powdery note.

    Organza Jamin D'Inde: (EDP) -harvest edition
    top: Honeysuckle
    mid: Jasminium Grandiflorum absolu 2005 harvest (from Madras, India) , Nutmeg
    base: Cedar, Vanilla.

    Very Irresistible Rose Bulgare: (EDT) -harvest edition
    top: Green note, star anise, Verbena
    mid: Rose Absolu 2005 (may and june harvest from the valley of the roses in Bulgaria) harvest, Spicy note.
    base: Roses, "soft notes".

    top: bergamot, orange blossom, gardenia, nutmeg.
    middle: honeysuckle, tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine.
    base: vanilla, amber, sandalwood, cedar.

    Organza first light:
    top: hesperedic notes, muguet, honeysuckle
    middle: jasmine, gardenias, ylang-ylang
    Base: vanilla, benzoin, patchouli.

    top: tangerine, galbanum, rosewood, coconut.
    middle: Tuberose, jasmine, narcissus, carnation.
    base: patchouli, sandalwood, castoreum, civet.

    Ysatis Iris:
    top: tangerine , blackcurrant, violet leaves.
    middle: jasmine, rose petals, tuberose.
    base: Iris, Patchouli, vanilla.

    My Givenchy:
    top: pear flowers, blood orange, redcurrant.
    middle: violet, mimosa, peach flowers.
    base: vetiver, soft patchouli, fresh musks.

    Only Givenchy:
    top: bilberry, bitter orange, bay rose.
    middle: wild rose, jasmine, sweet peas.
    base: musk, sandalwood.

    Hot Couture:
    Raspberry nectar, centifolia rose, magnolia, tuberose, hedione, bergamot, amber, vetiver, black pepper.

    top: plum peach, orange blossom, violets.
    middle: ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, blackcurrant.
    base: casmerande, musk, sandlwood, vanilla.

    Amarige D'amour:
    top: blackcurrant, sweet peas, mandarin.
    middle: white mimosa, jasmine, rose.
    base: amber, sandlwood.

    Givenchy III:
    top: tangerine, bergamot.
    middle: lily of the valley , rose, jasmine, hyacinth.
    base: patchouli, amber, oakmoss, sandalwood.

    Very Irrsistible: (the regular 2003 version)
    top: star anise.
    middle: centifolia rose, peony rose.
    base: passion rose, fantasia rose.

    Very Irresistible Sensual Eau de Parfum: (2005)
    (diff from the regular VI for women):
    top: star anise, fruity notes.
    middle: rose accord, Liv Tyler rose.
    base: patchouli, vanilla.

    Very Irresistible Pétales de Roses edition: (2004)
    top: star anise, vervein leaves.
    middle: centifolia rose, peony rose.
    base: passion rose, fantasia rose.

    Very Irresistible Eau D'eté: (2005):
    top: citrus accord, star anise.
    middle: lily of the valley, tangerine sherbet.
    base: living flower rose.

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    and a little gift: a picture of Insensé ultramarine for her!:

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