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    Default Allure, Allure Sport, Romance

    Is there some common chemical in these three scents. Because all three turn into Off! bug spray on me within a few hours. I three scents seem to have some commonalities, so I figured maybe there is some note in there that doesn't jive well with my skin.

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    They all contain vetiver and cedar/resinous woods.

    I don't get bug spray at all from Allure; the other two are rather bright and pungent in the topnotes. I think you would find that the basenotes are actually very soft and somewhat sweet in all three of these, but then again they might react differently on your skin.

    If I had to pick one thing, I'd bet that the vetiver is what's turning you off. If you'd like something masculine and sweet without vetiver, I'd recommen Body Kouros or Jaipur. Some people might recommend Pi, but I've never really tried it.

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    Its not the vetiver, becasue I love both Original Vetiver (Creed) and Gendarme V. I've also enjoyed scents far woodier than these. I usually don't do sweet scents like these, so I am thinking it is sitting somewhere in the sweet notes. Funny thing, I tried Romance and Allure on again today and didn't get the bug spray thing, so consistency is another issue.

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    From what I understand Original Vetiver by Creed contains very little vetiver.

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    you know it just might be the mandarin (tangerine, really) combined with be that aldehydes and / or some other kind of citrus and perhaps some other chemicals we are not aware of.
    I see a link between Allure and AllureHS and another between AllureHS and Romance as you said. But i can't really connect Allure and Romance at all.

    Only at the very last of their drydowns (allureHS and RomanceFM) , the musks (light /white /etc) and the vetiver seem to be similar but we know that just cause there is a note of vetiver on on frag it doesn't mean that that vetiver note will smell the same on a diff frag right?.

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