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    Default Some comments on recent buys..

    Hey everybody... the last two weeks was a little crazy in terms of cologne purchasing.... I came across many deals at local pharmacies/loblaws centers and so on... I ended up buying the following: Burberry London <not the new version>, FCUK, Santos de Cartier, Xeryus, Boucheron PH, Davidoff Echo, Emporio Armani Night, Baldessarini.... no bottle cost me more than $20 dollars, and for the most part..I just couldn't resist!

    Burberry London: I used to own this fragrance, but traded it away hastily. I find it to be one of the more lively fruit fragrances on the market. I get a very lively fruit and wood mixture with this scent. Very fresh, very casual and sort of timeless. It doesn't follow the thick heavy 80's fragrance trend, nor does it completely buy into the recent fresh aquatics watering down. The best way to desribe this scent is "bright". I could imagine that on a rain soaked afternoon, a quick spritz of this would liven up the senses. Sharp apple like burst to begin, mellows into a vanilla/musk drydown that is both comforting and quite distinct. Quite nice, and glad I gave it a second chance. Bottle design is pretty generic and nothing special. rating: B

    Santos de Cartier: Unfortunately, I think I got the newer version of this much hyped fragrance. On initial application, it hits the skin quite strong and thick in the same vein as other uber-masculine 80's scents. Spicy, woody (strong base of woodsy notes)... same nature as Polo for men, but a lot smoother and much less of that evergreen pine smell, with a gentle hint of sweetness that keeps it from making you choke. This fragrance is better served in formal wear or settings as it has a very serious and masculine feel to it. Unfortunately, the scent has very poor longevity <which is why I suspect it is the newer version> which for me is a good thing, because this isn't a fragrance I would want to remain as strong as it goes on. Overall, one of the few really masculine fragrances I would reach for formal occasions. Nice striking bottle in similar design to Body Kouros. rating: B

    FCUK Him: I couldn't help myself... a 30ml bottle on clearance for $8... I would compare this scent to other dry, spicy woods fragrances in the same vein as DKNY or Visit by Azzaro: Very crisp, very cool and slightly pepperywithout even a hint of sweetness, though vanilla is listed as one of the basenotes. A great casual scent and one that would compliment a brisk autumn day very well. With notes like Sage, Basil, Rosemary it sounds more like a culinary concoction, but the blend works and manages to play out rather simply. Not an outstanding fragrance by any stretch of the imagination, but better than many scents on the market today. Not a huge fan of the bottle however... I find that it has a tenency to tumble. rating: B-

    Xeryus: Another old school fragrance primed for the upcoming fall and winter season. This fragrance is another 80's classic. Though it never achieved the acclaim that scents like Drakkar Noir and Polo did, I find it to be a less harsh fragrance that still maintains the dark manliness of the aforementioned fragrances. Though grapefruit is listed as a topnote, I don't really notice anything citrus about this scent. A little smokey, a little dark, a little mellow, a little spicy, a little sweet. Xeryus can be worn for many occasions but is likely not one that would appeal to the under 30 crowd. There is much talk about Ungaro III on the boards, and I find that this fragrance maintains a slight similarity to the hyped UIII... though it lacks the depth. Not at all similar to it's saccharine cousin Xeryus Rouge, this is definately a worthy fragrance for those into 80's powerhouse scents, or even those looking for a launching pad into those types of fragrances. The bottle is nothing spectacular, though I much prefer the old darker colourd bottle to the new clearer one rating: B

    Boucheron PH: The first time I sprayed this one, it struck me as a more refined take on D&G's Masculine fragrance. A powdery lemony opening that packs quite a silliage wollop. Being a fan of citrus fragrance, but not a "huge" supporter of the lemon movement, I was taken back a bit. The lemon dies down slightly, and florals start to overtake the citrus smack while maintaining the powdery character. Boucheron is a summer fragrance, a refined summer fragrance. It strikes the same chords as Habit Rouge, but is a lot more complex and well blended. Same "nostalgic" tilt, but a lot more going on. Though I can appreciate the fragrance for what it is, I doubt I will get much wear out of it. For those looking for a summer fragrance that doesn't walk the same sheep-laded line of the "summer version, fizz, sparkle dazzle etc" scents, this might be the fragrance for you. Rating: C+

    Davidoff Echo: I came across a clearance sealed 100ml box of this fragrance for $15 dollars and could not resist the urge to add it to my arsenal. As mentioned by many basenoters, the bottle is very visually appealing in it's curvey iceberg like motif, though very hard to manage <to spray>. The fragrance itself is the perfect non-offensive light summer fragrance. Very synthetic and quite cheap smelling to my nose. Did we really need a sweetened up version of Chrome? The longevity and silliage are weak as are with most other fragrances of this variety. Pleasant is the best way to describe this scent. Certainly a modern scent, and one that wouldn't be out of place on a University Campus near you, but not really a fragrance worth taking seriously. rating: C

    Emporio Armani Night He: I had smelled this on a spray card last year and had drooled at the prospect of owning my own bottle one day. The day came, and I was able to track down a bottle at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, the scent was nothing like I remember it to be. It's sweet, synethetically sweet.... headache causing sweet. In the same vanillic powdery vein as other scents such as Bvlgari Black, Burberry Brit and Arpege PH, Emporio Night maintains a similar character, but unlike these other scents, fails to balance the remaining notes in a way that makes it pleasing to the nose. This fragrance wears very close to the skin, and does have a rather seductive nature to it, I just find that it is a little "too much" and I'm not quite sure what the "too" and the "much" are.... it could be the violet note that sticks out like a sore thumb and though musk isn't listed as a note, a little bit of the Burberry Touch musk can be detected in the drydown. With many superior fragrances of this type on the market, I don't really see a need for this one. Arpege PH, for example. Nice bottle, light weight, cylinder type, pleasing to spray, unfortunately it is impossible to tell how much fragrance remains because of it's opaque design. rating: C

    Balderassini: (got tired of typing!)

    Remember, my opinions are subjective and don't let them influence your interest in sampling or exploring these fragrances...

    thanks for reading.


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    Default Re: Some comments on recent buys..

    I bought FCUK him last year - I think its a pretty decent and kind of a unique fragrance, albeit a bit synthetic.

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    Default Re: Some comments on recent buys..

    Near, fantastic reviews. A pleasure to read your experiences and your style.

    I've known for a long time that I have to pick up Xeryus. Now I'll have to do it for this fall. The stuff is just funky and old and weird enough, and with that sillage to boot! Someone in my high school wore this, and I always thought it smelled like metal and like no other scents out there.

    One of my next buys.

    Great reviews--it makes the site so much better when members paragraph or even and abundance of sentence length reviews.

    About Armani Night He--isn't it interesting how something that blew us away in our early Basenotes days doesn't do it anymore?
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Some comments on recent buys..

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB
    I've known for a long time that I have to pick up Xeryus. Now I'll have to do it for this fall. The stuff is just funky and old and weird enough, and with that sillage to boot! Someone in my high school wore this, and I always thought it smelled like metal and like no other scents out there.
    Xeryus rocks - as I mentioned earlier in a post, its one of my favourite fragrances. I detect some grapefruit/citrus in the opening, which dies away to a mossy background. Totally awesome! That's probably why I like Jean Pascal PH so much as well, both are in the same 'league'.

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    Default Re: Some comments on recent buys..

    Quote Originally Posted by nearfantastica
    Balderassini: (got tired of typing!)
    I think this pretty much says all anyone needs to know about any Boss fragrance: You had about as much inspiration to write about it as the Boss perfumers had when making it...

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