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    Default Today at TJ Maxx

    I discovered today that there's a TJ Maxx about 8 minutes from my house. It's not on a route I usually take, so I never knew it was there! When I walked in the door I noticed about 5 bathtub-sized gray bins being dragged toward the fragrance area. Sure enough, they'd just gotten a big delivery. The salesperson was overwhelmed with the amount of bottles she had to shelve, but she let me dig through the bins.

    I was looking for Cabotine, Tocade, and Anglomania. I did find a beautiful Cabotine gift set with a 3.4 oz edp and a large lotion for $24.99. There was only one, so I was happy to grab it. No Tocade or Anglomania :-(

    Some of the items in the new bins were:
    They had around 100 bottles of Pure Poison in both the teardrop-shaped bottle and the edp, tons of Escada Pacific Paradise, Sensi, some Urban Decay thing I've never heard of, Tommy Bahama, Splendor, Bellagio, Burberry Weekend, Chloe Narcisse, Brittany Spears Curious in gift-sets, Jessica McClintock #3, Green Tea, Lauren Style, 5th Ave. After Five, Aqua Allegoria Menthafolia, Cool Water Sea, Scents, and Sun, Hugo Pure Purple, Provocative Interlude, Ralph Hot, Realities, and various Liz Taylor, Liz Claiborne, and Ellen Tracy stuffs.

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    Default Re: Today at TJ Maxx

    Thanks for your report. Love all Cabotines -- green, rose and blue, partly because of their unpredictability, congratulations on your fabulous find! Wish I were there. Urban Decay is an interesting and fun line to try, so is Sensi (original, not White Note) for your quick vanilla fix and other calming properties. Well, if the price is right, of course.
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    Default Re: Today at TJ Maxx

    Thanks for the info...I'll stop by and check out the Aqua Allegoria....Thanks again.......Gary

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    Default Re: Today at TJ Maxx

    Had a look in our local TKMaxx (different name across the pond!!)
    and found Gres Cabaret(6.99), YSL NU, D&G Light Blue, Le Cirque de Popi Moreni,Cabochard(12.99),Fendi and Deci Dela. Didn't buy anything as
    I am curbing my spending this month.

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    Default Re: Today at TJ Maxx

    Dear Tovah,

    Thank you for your report on TJ Maxx of which I'm GREEN with envy that we in Canada do not have... you lucky people there....

    So since we don't have it here I will do my imaginary shopping at TJ Maxx... Yes, I'm buying Pure Poison for sure, and a bottle of Aqua Allegoria Menthafolia that Ive been wanting for quite some time , oh and maybe a bottle of Hugo Pure Purple too (maybe)... hehe

    Oh and let me know forget to thank dear kewart... yes, I would have bought another bottle of YSL Nu, mine is nearly empty (I think, but cannot tell until it really is), and of course I would not be able to leave without a bottle of Le Cirque de Popi Moreni and maybe another bottle of Deci Dela (I wore some yesterday and was getting oodles of compliments... of course I could not smell much due to this nasty cold I'm fighting)... But could this be the Nyquil talking LOL? Nahhh
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