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    Default New Resolution on Buying Fragrance

    I have been making new plans for my fragrance purchasing. I decided that I need to cut back to one fragrance per month. I have so much fragrance - maybe 100 bottles and 50 decants - I don't have time to use it. I was just mad to try each new thing. It doesn't make sense practically or financially for me to buy more than 1 bottle per month. Realistically, a 1ML sample may last a long time when you have 100 of them.

    Yesterday I got around to trying my Andy Tauer le Maroc pour Elle sample that I have had for over 6 months. Its very good but, with all the other bottles, decants and samples, 1 ML might last me a year or more. No use jumping the gun and buying a bottle. Really, a 5 ML swap is probably plenty of most things. Usually I use a fragrance a lot for awhile then taper off and move on to something else intriguing. Later I come back again, but still, 5 ML should last a good while.

    I am currently wanting a bottle of de Nicolai's Cococabana - THAT, I have a rapidly dissappearing 5 ML decant of. But I have a feeling this fragrance is going to be a pass-along for a lot of people. I love the way it so gracefully incorporates the excellent fragrance of coconut and balances its richness with the tartness of citrus. I am giving myself permission to buy it when my current months wait is up. However, it is probably more sensible to wait for it to show up for swap.

    I used to think I just couldn't be happy with decants - I wanted the characterful bottle that had been designed for the fragrance. Thankfully I have gotten over that need and feel like swapping decants is just so darned smart. Trying to get what I want from someone else also has a bit of the thrill of bidding at ebay. I don't know if I will "win" or not. I feel quite elated when it works out well for me.

    I also think it is fun to swap with people whose names I have seen on fragrance board posts and whose thinking I admire. I'm sure I'll swap with a fragrance blog superstar someday - OH MY!

    I have'nt paid for any fragrance since July 19th.

    I am in my sensible mode now. I joined a (non-twelve step) spending addiction website support group a couple of weeks ago. I feel like if I go crazy I have a source of support there from people who understand that people can get into a crazy frame of mind when shopping. (If anyone has a serious interest in checking out that web support group, please send me a Personal Message requesting a link to it.)

    Take care all!

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    Default Re: New Resolution on Buying Fragrance

    pm sent
    NoNonScents!! Getting Ready to Retire....

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    Default Re: New Resolution on Buying Fragrance

    Hey I'm with you. This seriously resembles an addiction and can drain your cash if you let it! I've already bought 3 this month! I do like trading though. If I could find some decants, I could get into that game. I did find some at Nordstroms, but they are $6 each! I bought two and took them to Neiman Marcus to fill them up with creed! (they were out)

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