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    I just received an order from FragranceX. I got Minotaure, Roma and Ungaro III, Both Minotaure and Roma were in unsealed boxes. Ungaro III was sealed. I notice that at the bottom of the Minotaure bottle there appears to have been a sticker that was removed. There's still one sticker there but one was removed. On the box it says the lot number is engraved or printed on the bottom of the bottle. The lot number is not indicated on the remaining sticker. What might I deduct from this? Expired product? "Grey market" goods? Should I raise the issue with them? I assume all brand new fragrances come in sealed boxes. Is that the case? Any opinions? Thanks!

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    Not all new fragrances come in sealed boxes. Back in my olden days of fragrance retail: for example Eau Sauvage was sealed and Aramis wasn't.

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    Thanks for your reply. So far I had only come across sealed boxes buying from local retailers.

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    Hello keylogic, I assume you had these delivered to the UK, out of interest, how long did delivery take? I am going to be ordering and would be keen to know.

    Thanks for any help.

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    ground down serial codes or removal of identifying stickers is par for the course among discounters. Yes, it means its grey market, or at the very least it means the seller doesnt want anybody to be able to trace where the bottle came from (when it was produced, for which regional market, whatever else they can tell from their codes). I wouldnt worry about it too much if the frags smell fine.

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    Latch35, delivery took a week going with US postal service to London. Wasn't keen to shell out the additional dosh for Fedex / UPS.

    Joel, thanks for the input. My feeling was this might be older stock or something. Hopefully still good though. I'll test it out in a minute. The sample I ordered from them beforehand seemed good (as far as I could tell). Importer's info on the box is Canadian so I guess it's a legit product for North American distribution.

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    Lightbulb Re: Online Discount Retailers Question

    What is grey market plz

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    Grey market, the way I understand it, is when a trader sells merchandise that was not meant to be sold in a given regional market. For example in consumer electronics, a (dodgy) retailer might sell an item in say, North America that was meant only to be sold in Asia. In which case the warranty would not be valid etc.

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