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    Default Demeter roomsprays?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this type lof question, but I couldnt think of a better one.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried demeter room sprays for their living quarters. I need something to make my place smell nice that isnt all supermrket junk or whatever. Or maybe their regular cologne sprays would work better? But the room sprays are cheaper.

    Also, would anyone know where I can find them in a store to try them out, preferably near nyc. I tried sephora but they only had 4 uninteresting one's and no room sprays.

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    Default Re: Demeter roomsprays?

    I got a free bottle of the Basil Roomspray with my order of Plah-Doh scent. It smells like Pad Thai noodles, but then vanishes in 2 seconds. I would honestly not waste the money

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    Default Re: Demeter roomsprays?

    I have the Fuzzy Navel spray and I rather like it. It's fresh and clean but not very strong.

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    Default Re: Demeter roomsprays?

    i just ordered "dirt"...i think thats the only one with some good reviews

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    Default Re: Demeter roomsprays?

    Do you mean it wouldnt last very longer or linger in a room if sprayed? I want something that will do that. Any suggestions? I know Costes makes one, albeit expensive.

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