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    Default Get a free Lacoste sample

    In Glamour, there is an ad for the new scent from Lacoste INSPIRATION log onto for a free sample for you and they let you send one to a friend too . It looks like it is a worldwide offer!

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Hey Allie,

    Thanks for that info... I tried to get signed up for it, only to find that they do not ship to Canada! Story of my life! It's like I live under a rock or something...
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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    I had entered mr.tinker as the friend to send the other sample to, so when it gets here I'll send it to you ! I was going to by-pass that part of the website because I know for a fact nobody in my physical world would give a hoot about a new release but filled out his info just in case someone here couldn't get one.

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Hooray! Mini website season has officially started!


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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Thank you, Tinker! Mine is on the way!
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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Someone from Perfume Addicts who lives in Australia said they won't ship a sample down there .

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    I sampled Inspiration today. It's more special than I expected. There is a very strong blackberry topnote that would make you think it's your typical fruity-floral. I don't really smell any of the white flowers described in the official olfactory pyramid, I smell some sort of soft abstract floral bouquet though. The basenotes are much more distinctive but not heavy: a warm powdery blend of sandalwood, vanilla and musk. On my skin I also detect a slight earthy "Play-doh-ish" trace. I would call Inspiration a transparent oriental.

    Inspiration is not revolutionary: but the more I smell it, the more I like it. It's biggest achievement is it's ability to created a cocoon-like effect and staying airy at the same time. The ideal scent for people who don't like their fragrance too perfume-y. I don't know what makes me say this, maybe the reassuring basenotes, but Inspiration smells like a young mother...

    My advice: test on your skin and wait 45min, so that the teenage-like fruity topnote has disappeared, before you makeup your mind about this new Lacoste.

    With Lacoste Inspiration and Valentino V, P&G has been launching commercial yet more "artistic" juices lately. I'm wondering what they will do with the upcoming D&G "The One" and Hugo Boss "Femme"...

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Thank you Cedric for that wonderful description! I love when scents have a slight Play-doh accord in them. It is the ultimate comfort scent, especially since becoming a mother.

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    What a cool sexy TV ad!!!

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    Default Re: Get a free Lacoste sample

    Quote Originally Posted by breeze11
    What a cool sexy TV ad!!!
    There is a shot in which you see that the model is wearing a thong...

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