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    Default My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    I pulled out Chrome today to take a break from my other faves like Kouros, Envy, Guerlain Vetiver, XS, etc... While Chrome is linear in it's smell, meaning it does not change much throughout the day, I got to tell you this cologne is still very solid. I really enjoyed wearing it today, receiving not 1 but 3 very nice compliments on it. Not just "you smell good" -- but "wow, love your cologne -- what is it." Perhaps, it's more than just solid!

    Pound for pound, it's always a sure bet and simply fresh and clean with pretty good longevity. It's perfect for the office to going over to a friend's house for a bbq/party. It's really never offensive -- and ya got to love the decent sillage it puts out. I guess what I am saying is that I still love it and from the great compliments I continually get from it, so do others.

    I will be gone for a week on vacation with the family. See you in a week or so -- maybe the lake resort we go to has wireless. It looks like I will be taking my Chrome with me up north. Hope the Walleyes are biting...

    Peace -- Markymark

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    After testing a few times at the department stores, I found that it tended to disappear quite quickly from my skin. When I finally got a good-sized sample to try, I found that it in fact has terrific longevity for a lighter scent. For being so synthetic, I find it to be actually quite nice for hot weather. If I find a good deal on it, I'll be sure to pick it up.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    Just wore it yesterday, what a nice scent it is, and you can always find excellent deals online.
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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    As I've written here numerous times since my hot weather European adventure last year, Chrome is the ultimate hot weather scent that never let me down, when all the other ones kept conking out on me part way through the day.

    For my future trips I bought several sets of 20ml travel bottles of Chrome.

    I've been surprised that during the US hot spell I haven't seen anyone here really singing its well deserved praises.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    I find chrome VERY mossy, it has this dirty moss feel to it.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    It's a safe scent, and pretty much perfect for summer. It's fresh, although the word hardly applies to something that smells so metallic. The fact that it was so linear, at the end of the day, put me off it. What seemed a glimmering, positively synthetic, long-lasting joy of a fragrance became sharp and almost claustrophobia-inducing. I received some good compliments mind you, even if mainly from other blokes.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    I enjoy it from time to time, but generally I feel it is too sharp to get me to buy a bottle. I detect something of rubbing alcohol in it like when you first walk into a medical office.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    Chrome is my ideal frag when the temperature soars,great sillage
    and lasts all day

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    Chrome has become my #1 work scent and has garnered way more compliments than the highly praised Creed scents. It has excellent sillage and lasts exceptionally long when sprayed on clothes. L'eau d'Issey is the only other fresh scent that can compete in the sillage department but doesn't last as long.

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    Default Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    I just gave mine to my brother.. I used to like it a lot.. Until I discovered the Guerlain and other great classics. Now I just can't stand this scent.

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    Thumbs up Re: My thoughts on Azzaro Chrome

    I think Chrome is quite much slighted by some conneisseurs. I think it`s great: Not complex at all, but very freshly uplifting with great lasting power and sillage.

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