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    Default nina ricci: the notes

    not missing scents, only missing notes!

    here we go:

    Signoricci: (the old version)
    top: galbanum, petitgrain, bergamot, lemon.
    middle: lily of the valley, rose, tangerine, fern.
    base: oakmoss, civet, vetiver, tonka bean.

    Signoricci: (new version)
    top: mandarine, petitgrain.
    middle: sage, alpine lavender.
    base: Haitian vetiver, exotic woods, oakmoss.

    Signoricci 2:
    top: lemon, lime, petitgrain, basil.
    middle: aldehydes, jasmine, carnation, tangerine.
    base: musks, oakmoss, tonka bean, amber.

    Ricci Club: (old version 1989- YES, this was changed too!! )
    top: bergamot, lemon , laurel leaves, artemisa.
    middle: cypress, peach, carnation, ylang-ylang.
    base: tonak bean, cinnamon, patchouli, sandlwoods.

    Ricci Club (new current version):
    top: grapefruit, cloves, cinnamon, tarragon.
    middle: Guaic woods, sandalwoods, rosewood, vetiver.
    base: oceanic notes, oakmoss, tonka beans, myrrh.

    Premier Jour:
    top: Yellow Mandarine,mornign dew gardenia, sweet pea, metallic note.
    middle: gardenias, vanilla orchids, white sugared almonds, skin note.
    base: Mysore sandalwood, vanilla, musks, St. Lucia woods.

    Nina (the '87 original):
    top: bergamot, lemon, basil, peach.
    middle: rose, orris, violet, mimosa.
    base: patchouli, sandalwoods, civet, oakmoss.

    Love in Paris:
    top: star anise, bergamot.
    middle: rose pivoine, peony, velvety apricots, sheer jasmine, green of violets.
    base: crystal musks, vanilla, woods notes

    L'Air du Temps: (original)
    top: carnation, bergamot, rosewood.
    middle: rose, jasmine, violet, orris.
    base: cedarwood, sandalwood, musks, amber.

    L'air du temps: (new) again nina ricci?
    top: carnation, gardenia, spicy note.
    middle: Rose absolute, Grasse jasmine, Rose centifolia.
    base: Orris, Mysore sandalwood, white musks.

    Deci Delà:
    top: raspeberry, peach.
    middle: centifolia rose, fressia.
    base: refinement of Chypre, rare woods (sandalwood, cedar)

    Les Belles:
    Almond Amour: (or amour d'amandier):
    top: Kiwi, lemon, mandarine, peach , blackcurrant.
    middle: Almonds, frangipani, rose, heliotrope, orris, jasmine.
    base: vanilla, benzoin, sandlwood, musks.

    Delice d'epices:
    top: orange, lemon, peach, blackcurrant.
    middle: red apple, carnation, cinnamon, orchid, jasmine.
    base: cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka beans.

    Belle de Minuit:
    top: bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange, blackcurrant.
    middle: orange blossom, lily of the valley, heliotrope.
    base: moka, sandalwood, myrrh, tonka beans.

    Liberty Fizz (or Liberté acidulée) :
    top: blackcurrant, peach, tomato leaves, apricots.
    middle: tomato flower, tomato, lily of the valley, cyclamen, roses, fressia.
    base: musks, oakmoss, raspberries.

    -end of the belles!

    Love Fills L'air du temps: (or Free as the air- the blue bottle):
    top: malasian blue Datura.
    middle: white lilac, wild lily of the valley.
    base: sandalwood, gerogywood, white musks.

    top: aldehydes, bergamot, peach, leafy greens.
    middle: rose, carnation, geranium, cyclamen.
    base: amber, sandalwood, vetiver, musks.

    Fleur de Fleurs:
    top: blossom-calix notes, leafy green notes, bergamot, aldehydes.
    middle: lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, magnolia.
    base: civet, musks, sandalwood.

    L'air du temps Colombes de coleur:
    top: bergamot tea, cyclamen.
    middle: lily os the valley, solar notes, lily, pale jasmine.
    base: georgywood, white sandalwood, lemon tree, musks.


    there's only one scent missing:

    Les Belles: Cherry Fantasy (2005 for women):
    top: grapefruit, bergamot, blackcurrant.
    middle: cherry blossom, may rose, water blooms.
    base: cherries, red berries, musks.

    and a picture of it:

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    Default Re: nina ricci: the notes


    The release history of Signoricci is very complicated as you’ll see from the following questions:

    Question #1:
    Is the Signoricci (the old version) you refer to the original Signoricci 1 which wasn’t called Signoricci 1 till Signoricci 2 was introduced in 1976? Up until then it went by the name of Signoriccci. Many times websites will give the notes for Signoricci 1 for Signoricci (Signoricci 2 when the 2 was dropped). In other words Signoricci (Signoricci 1) and Signoricci (Signoricci 2) are often confused.

    Question #2:
    Or, is the Signoricci (the old version) you refer to Signoricci 2, which had the “2” dropped when Signoricci 1 was discontinued and henceforth was called “Signoricci”.

    Question #3
    Is Signoricci (new version) the Signoricci 2 with the “2” dropped (sometime during the 1980s) or does it refer to the recent released Signoricci (2005), which differs significantly from all previous versions

    I have all version of Signoricci and they all differ. The list goes something like this:

    Signoricci 1 (first simply called Signoricci and later Signoricci 1 when Signoricci 2 was released in 1976) originally released in 1965

    Signoricci 2 (later, sometime in the late 1980s (?), released as Signoricci) originally released in 1976

    Signoricci (Signoricci 2 with the 2 dropped released in the late 1980s (?) and reformulated somewhat so that it does differ from Signoricci 2)

    Signoricci (released in 2005, a reformulation of Signoricci 2/Signoricci, and a decidedly attenuated and inferior reformulation at that)

    To make matters even more complicated Signoricci 1, was also rereleased Nina Ricci Men.

    As you can see from these questions, the answer to anyone of them matters a lot if we are to match the notes of these fragrances with their respective releases.

    Can I also ask where you got your info. from?

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    Default Re: nina ricci: the notes

    I will send a PM to you! i hope that's allright!
    it really is very confusing isn't it!
    I have all the answers!

    anyways, in short (the longer response is just for ya!):

    signoricci (old vers): original version
    signoricci 2: original signoricci -reformulated, with "2" added.
    signoricci (new vers): 2005 new reformulation version.
    signoricci 80's version or- signoricci2 with 2 dropped and reformulated : ???
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