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    Default Soir de Lune- Sisley

    I tried this yesterday, but remained unwowed after a few hours. It's very crispy-fresh on the top, the chili pepper almost harsh but not quite. The floral heart is very light, and the drydown a basic patchouli/sandalwood mix. Just didn't zing me, though it's not at all unpleasant. I was hoping for more, as the bottle is beautiful. Anyone else tried it? I can see this perfume, on the right person with the right chemistry, coming more into focus and being quite beautiful in an understated way.
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    Default Re: Soir de Lune- Sisley

    it's the same target: women who love EAu du soir!

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    Wink Re: Soir de Lune- Sisley

    I tried this the other day as I adore Eau du Soir. It did not work for me - lots of ROSE at the beginning and musk on the drydown. No pepper (sad) or peach (even sadder) or spice (tragic). After a couple of hours it was a dead ringer for Estee Lauder's Intuition (citrus rose with an amber base).

    However, it lasted a good six hours on me. If you are a rose fan it's definitely decant-worthy.

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    I am a EdS fan....I looked for this at my Saks yesterday and of course it's not in yet...I am a Sisley fan...I don't know very many who like these scents...Long lasting fragrances...Very different from the mainstream scents.

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    I hate the bottle. With the shape and the writing and the cap, I thought it was another Lulu Guinness scent.

    All in all, it smells like an amalgam of their other scents. It's nice, but it's not very innovative. The sales associate kept telling me it took them sixteen years to develop, and I thought, It took over a decade-and-a-half just to mix Eau de Campagne and Eau du Soir? I do think it's more personable that Eau du Soir, though. It's lovely stuff.

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    It's a fruity chypre. Not like Mitsouko or Femme but in that spicier style of the 80s, I think of Paloma Picasso and especially Jil Sander Woman III. Great chypre, but I feel like I smelled this before...

    Though I love chypres, Woman III and this new Soir de Lune have something sickening I can't stand. I wonder what ingredient does that to me?

    This appart, not many companies still make perfumes with such high quality of ingredients anymore.

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