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Thread: Fou d'Absinthe

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    Default Fou d'Absinthe

    I just received today some samples, including the new L'artisan, Fou d'Absinthe, and I just wanted to share my first impressions.

    First, and most important, I LIKE IT !!!
    I've never smelled in the past Absinthe, so I can't really tell if it smells like that, but it definitely smells good. I may be crazy, but at least the top notes reminded me a lot of Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine, and the base note remind me a lot of L'artisan Santal (which is a good thing, since I love it)

    In overall: I think it's an excellent fragrance, totally unisex in my opinion (although I saw it's marketed for men) and really worth a try.

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    real absinthe is... unique... smelling, and different places use different herb combos and thus the smells vary widely. There's a strong anise/licorice smell from both aniseed and star anise, but it's more complex than that. Most of the absinthe knockoffs in the US just load up on the anise and ignore lots of the other more interesting ingredients, so at that point you might as well be drinking Ouzo.

    In general, well made absinthe will also carry a noticable fennel scent, wormwood itself has a bitter & menthol-y smell that is very strong in more powerful absinthes, and the other herbs like hyssop that go in usually lend a cut grass, almost vetiver-ish note to the thing. Especially in some Czech absinthes there's a strong citrus note.

    About the closest scent to traditional absinthe you can grab on the US market today is Chartreuse, or the less common Herbsaint, although both have some different herbs and not smells as "bitter" as the real deal . You can always brew up some homemade absinthe, of course, but that can smell *profoundly* vile =)

    Uh... not that I know anything about that..... uhm.... yeah.

    (I actually really like Fou d'Absinthe, btw.)

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    I love Chartreuse. It's an unbelievably complex herbal masterpiece of a liqueur. I've been thinking about trying Fou d'Absinthe...but I've heard people say its like KenzoAir, which I love, but I don't want to get anything redundant.

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    It smells so familiar (put some from a sampler on my arm).. I just can't place it, yet.

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    The pine forrest floor dry down reminds me of Terre d'Hermes...the transparent spice reminds me of Idole .......Fantastic scent!!! Olivia you Rock!!

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    Regret this purchase and looking to sell.
    Its nice and transparent, but the boozyness reminds me of the smell of cleaning liquid.
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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    Personally glad that I have this in my collection.

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    FdA is one of my favorite fragrances. I love this stuff during the fall and winter seasons. Christmas in a bottle.

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    Great winter time scent. The pine and the absinthe really cut through the cold weather. My favorite L'Artisan.
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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    Quote Originally Posted by eisho View Post
    ...I think it's an excellent fragrance...
    I agree, totally.
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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    I find Fou d'Absinthe both cool and refreshing for the spring and summer and full of pine and balsam fir (with some warm spice in the opening), perfect for the winter.

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    A better quality version of Ralph Lauren's Polo (green), IMHO. I would buy a bottle if it would be available in my country. Alas, it is not... and importing it is impossible. Good, one less purchase.

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe

    i'm a fan too, eisho. picked a flacon up a couple weeks ago. i do wish it had better longevity, but other than that i think it's a great, distinct, fresh scent.

    make sure you check out Nasomatto's Absinth. it's very different, but i like it quite a bit as well.


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