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    Before I start... I don't want this to be taken over-seriously or as though I am angry.. shaking fists, whipping behinds..and so on... but there's something I've noticed in the threads that irks me a little..

    When someone starts a thread... they often ask for advice or input about fragrances, opinions and so forth... What I really can't stand is either posting or reading a reply to the question... and then seeing someone who has responded the exact same thing in the following message..

    It's a different story, if two people are posting at the same time.. and are unaware of what the other is writing, but is it not at least curteous to acknowledge that you are seconding someone else's point or argument that has already been presented eloquently previously to your own?


    Q: Has anyone tried the new "Moose Vomit for Men" by Rolly McGraw? If so, Is there anything you could reccomend that is remotely close to it in both quality and longevity??

    Response 1: Hey there, I would reccomend you try the new "Wolf Tooth Exlixer" by William Davenhoot... it would be right up your alley... it has the same spiciness and lasts "well" into the evening! give it a-go!

    IRKING response 2: You should really try the Wolf Tooth Elixer.. it's quite nice and spicy, with great longevity!

    NON-IRKING response 2: As noted by the previous poster, I also agree that Wolf Tooth Elixer might be a good choice for similar reasons mentioned above.. good luck!

    Anyway, I'm not trying to be some post-nazi or anything... I just feel that if someone makes the time and takes the effort to create a worthwhile response to someone's post... it's nice to see a load of following posts that don't bark the same thing.. that's all..

    anyway..take it easy! <MUAH>


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    I don't know ... I kinda like when that happens. One person's opinion usually isn't going to influence my buying choices. Like in the recent "lavendar" thread. There were so many different responses to that post, it would make me (if I were the original poster) more confused than ever getting 10 or 15 different responses on "who" likes "what" lavendar. But if 10 people in a row have exactly the same answer ... say Gris Clair ... then I know I'm on to something and THAT'S the one I want to sample.

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    Default Re: Posting Pet Peeve...

    I can't stand someone posting without looking at previous posts.

    Sorry, Anthony. I just had to do that. You are right of course. it is just laziness not to look at previous posts. If a thread is particularly long it might be excusable, otherwise it is just inconsiderate.

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