Demonic voices echoing around me as I stumble through the purple haze of my own half-consciousness surrealistic visions of paypal logos chasing me down a dimly lit street lined with nothing but perfume stores then as the humming of the pc brings me back to my appartment I find myself slumped across my desk elbow leaning on the keyboard having produced a novel consisting of meaningless sequences of letters is it early morning yawning eyes squinting a glance upon the screen which with an ugly click has powered up again from snoozemode as a result of my cautious attempts at movement i see a redundant list of emails each congratulating me on a successful purchase triggering a memory of ecstatic hunting ah yes the primeval virtual market removing all friction from the act of consumption just an uninhibited adrenaline rush of making that deal that catch the big one i consume therefore i am i consume smart therefore i am superior if i can't be a fat cat in this game i'll be the fox and somehow the bills will get paid somehow they will get paid...

Etro Mahogany, 3 bottles
VC&A Tsar
CSP Eau du Gouverneur
CSP Bois de Filao
Asprey Purple Water
Helmut Lang Cuiron
Etro Raving Bath Gel, 2 bottles
Etro Resort Bath Gel
Etro Relent Body Milk