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    Default Bulgari pH Story (Ha! I was right!)

    There are a lot of different frags out there that I respect but don't necessarily like. Then there are the frags that I simply cannot find justification for anyone enjoying, such as Kouros, and for the sake of this story, Bulgari pH/Extreme. To recap my short review in the directory, I have always thought this duo from Bulgari smells like off-putting, musky cigarettes on a base of old ladies. When I used to take my grandma into the local church social hall to play bingo, the whole place reeked like the smell of Bulgari PH, though no one ever wore it. So after going months without smelling either version of this frag, a coworker walked by at work and I caught of whiff of him - I knew it right away, he's wearing Bulgari! I noticed the smell immediately, and thinking perhaps he's a bit of a closet frag guy himself (Bulgari line isn't stocked in most places here), I approached him about it. I asked him straight out if he was wearing something by Bulgari, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him it is a cologne, and he said to my surprise, "Oh, damn. I could probably use it because I just smoked a pack outside on my break and that's what you smell. I need to stay away from Mike!" Mike is my boss who doesn't like smokers, but he can't do much about it. So yesterday finally I received some confirmation of my feelings of PH/Extreme. Whenever anyone talks about either of these they say, "Ohh what a lovely refreshing tea frag!" but I just get a retirement home and a pack of smokes from it. I don't mean to knock the Bulgari lovers because I know everything has its fans, but thought I'd share this chuckle of a story.

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    Default Re: Bulgari pH Story (Ha! I was right!)

    When I first bought Bulgari ph, I too thought that it smelled distinctly like old tea bags and cig butts. However, I've come to appreciate it more and more over the months, and now I like it quite a bit. The reason that I don't wear it often is because it's so subtle, and I like stronger scents. I'll probably pick up the Extreme when I come across it.

    It is disturbing, though, to think that the people around me assume that I smell like cigarettes and bingo halls. Luckily, regular Bulgari ph probably doesn't project far enough to reach most noses.

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