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    Default Happy Birthday to....

    Happy Birthday greyhueofdoubt! Now which niche fragrance should I send? A Serge, L'Artisan, Creed, MPG, or more? I wish I had that kind of money. Not that I'd buy them for you, I just wish I had the money to buy other people expensive fragrances . Oh plus we have the same name so ya know. Anyways happy birthday.

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    Happy birthday to this Wonderful member. I love this man's posts. Another year...

    Send one to me while you are at it. I'd like a L'Artisan if you could... thanks!

    Happy Birthday Ben!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to....

    Happy Birthday Ben

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to....

    Ben - happy birthday! - I really enjoy reading your well-formed and insightful posts.

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