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    Default Montale Scents & more...

    'Montale' used to be in the directory as Montale. Now it seems to be gone. You did list all of the fragrances as uniscents, which is not as the company shows them.

    A general question I always wanted to ask: why is it 'Montale' and not 'Pierre Montale' (Chanel, not Coco C, but Christian Dior, not Dior) ? A house that has the owner as (main) perfumer is a rarity in our world of factual anonymous ownership. If his first name was included, as I have also seen it occasionally, it would reflect the personal union better (example: Lorenzo Villoresi).

    I noticed that Andy Tauer has made it into the directory. I still miss Hannes B. though (Hannes Buehler, Zurich, famous Swiss men's fashion house) with his modern classical scent 'Number 1'. It was praised several months before Tauer's Maroc appeared in another of Turin's popular scent columns. Scent and packaging are on par with best French standards, and the juice is manufactured by an established Italian producer, like so many other known colognes. Hannes B. has no e-trade by intent. The cologne is primarily intended for his fashion clients, but sold in selected perfumeries in Zurich, Geneva, and St. Moritz. I think he wouldn't mind a little more publicity and also be open to exporting.
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    Default Re: Montale Scents & more...

    I think Montale's Blue Ambre is still missing.

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