I got these in the mail yesterday.

New Haarlem was not as harsh as I had been led to believe. To my nose, it is very similar to Rochas Man. Coffee notes are stronger in the Bond. Maybe a little less sweet. It will be a winner for Fall and Winter. My wife could not believe the $178 price sticker. I'm glad I got mine for $90! She did say that New Haarlem is definitely her type of fragrance for me, she loves the sweeties!

Niven Morgan Blue is very good. If you've smelled Grabazzi by Gendarme, it's in that vein. Warm and fresh at the same time. They say it's unisex. I dunno...

I wore Bond Central Park this morning, and my wife just loves it. I have to agree, it's my current NO. 1!

She couldn't believe I was not wearing one of my new ones! She is not that patient. I can let new ones sit for days before I wear them!