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Thread: "Oh de London!"

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    Talking "Oh de London!"

    I am new to perfume and cosmetic making, and am taking it up as a fun, relaxing hobby. I am collecting fragrances and essential oils, and learning about the theory of top, middle and base notes.

    I was surprised to discover that Tuvache is manufacturing a version of the vintage "Oh! de London" scent by Yardley. As this was the scent of my girlhood, I am interested to try it, but wonder if it is really the same as the original.

    Anyone out there try some? If so, how did you like it?

    I see old bottles of Oh! de London selling on Ebay, but am not about to pay $200 or more for a used bottle of scent that may, or may not, still smell good.


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    Default Re: "Oh de London!" sells Oh! de London put out nw by Tuvache and they claim it is the "original 1966 fragrance." It's $35. Haven't tried it, yet, to compare.
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