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    Question Introduction/ What to do next?

    Hi guys

    Where to start...I guess a little about me first

    I don't consider myself an absolute newb on the fragance worlds, but by that I mean that I've always used real colognes, rather than AXE and stuff like that.

    Of course, this is thanks to my dad, which although no expert and probably knows next to 0 about a perfume technical stuff, he has quite a great nose for cologne and perfume selection. He usually gives me a new fragance every birthday or christmas.

    Until a couple years ago I really didnt care for my look too much (visually and smell-wise) I am the tipical computer guy that see on those Pixar behind the scene special on Discover Channel. (I'm actually an almost 21 yr old computer science mayor...) So yes I'm the geeky guy who likes videogames and stuff.

    HOWEVER since a couple or more years ago I've been getting more and more conscious of my looks and thus, doing something about it, in all departments, cloth, body, etc. And know I have a more casual look (polo shirts and polo tshirts, a few tshirts still, I use formal shoes more often etc) Alas, this is a perfume forum so of scents I shall speak.

    I dont really recall my older fragances, so I will tell you what I have, and my questions about should I do next.

    My currents fragances are Freedom by Tommy and Polo Blue and before I had Contradiction, CK and Swiss Army

    I like fruity smells for the day and walks in the park un a sunday, and I think I cover that with the freedom.

    However I dont know what to get for the Dating/club (night/day)scene, and university. What I want to achieve is the smell of a young yet

    My sisters just went to a trip to pto rico, so, taking advantage of the duty-free stores at airports I asked her to buy me a new perfume (actually the first one my money buys :P) . My indications "something that would not make woman say "nice" but "oh my god" :P; I know a little drastic but hey, in the fragance world there is quite some drama

    The result (after my 2 sisters (ages 22, 15) and grandma and aparently a query to the store sellers (women) the winner was (and for what I've read here this will be a surprize): Boss Selection, winner by a nose against Lacoste Esential.

    What do you think about that?

    I personally liked it, but I haven't tried it on, so I dont know how it will smell on me or when it changes, only the "smell the bottle" scent I have had. (actually before reading this page I didnt knew about all the 3 bases and changing smell and stuff...)

    I think i'm fine with the current selection of fragances I have, but what do you think? about the date/university?

    A note, Im not in the labor world or anything like that, so I dont really care about what other man (ie: boss) may think of how I smell, I really almost only care about what women think! I wouldnt care if it is technically "just another simple smell" if woman find it irresistable :P

    An example, my ex girlfriend loved the Contradiction over the all others I had at the time (Swiss Army, polo blue, freedom) she really really liked that one, but when I read the review here it seems like it is not too popular.

    That makes me think of another question: What about old fragances? Should I repeat old fragances that where good for me (note that I dont really know many) or should I go out and try out new ones?

    Uff! This turned out to be a long post! Sorry...thanks for still being reading.

    Just as a LAST piece of information (I guess it matters) I am from and live in Mexico (guadalajara). I guess aromas also go along diferent depending on race, color ,etc (skin types) right? Also this city is pretty template, it does not have a radical change b/w seasons, (no snow, coldest is like 5C early in the morning of coldest days..hottest is like 35 C, some rain for a few weaks like 2 or 3 times a year), I would say that the average temperature here is around 26C.

    In conclusion (because hell, this thing is so long I think it DESERVES a conclusion) what sort of fragances should you recomend me, know that you know a little bit of my lifestyle and wants? (young/manly/sexual but without losing my dorky/geek "nice" side)


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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    Since you mentioned you like fruity smells and yet want something a little
    more masculine, I'd suggest John Varvatos. Of the recently released,
    popular fragrances, I think it's one of the best.

    You might also want to check out some stronger woody or spicy fragrances
    for evening wear. Personally I love Creed Bois du Portugal, but it's kind of
    expensive. Caron's Third Man is great too. For a good value in a nice
    modern leather cologne, try Michael Kors for Men.

    There are so many possitilities. Sample lots of scents at the mall, and
    consider purchasing decants from the sellers here if you want to
    try a variety of scents without breaking the bank.


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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    Alright you said you didnt want to lose your dorky/geeky "nice" side, but you want something manly and sexual? A little contradictory. First of all, you're not a geek or whatever you think you are. So you like video games, what guy doesnt? I play sports and all that and am naturally athletic, and read and write and all that stuff for fun, plus Im on the computer write now so ya know, you're not a geek. Second of all, now to help you out.

    When you buy fragrances, always try to buy from an online shop as they are so much cheaper. Duty Free is the best choice for some fragrances though. Go to and check out their selection after you get suggestions.

    For the daytime:

    Bvlgari Pour Homme - Really nice scent that can also be used for romantic situations. Its a light one, but it stays a while.

    Issey Miyake - I have the Summer 2006 edition but Im guessing they're all pretty similar. If you can get the Summer Edition for the same price or a couple bucks more get it. It has more citrus which takes out some of the floral components of the original Issey Miyake.

    Guerlein Vetiver - A great grassy citrus scent. The girls will notice you bud.

    Mugler Cologne - A very nice citrus scent. I love it. My sister loved it too and shes 19 so definitely something for you to check out.

    Bvlgari Aqva - Dont own it yet. Its en route. Heard it was the sexiest aquatic scent out there, and gets loads of compliments from the girls. Scentiments has a tester for sale for $25 for 3.3 fl oz.

    You mentioned you like fruity. Ive never tried it but ON El by J Del Pozo xame to mind as its supposed to be extremely fruity. I definitely want top try this too. is selling the 3.4 fl oz for $16. I say just pick it up blind.

    For the nighttime:

    Gucci Envy - You will get compliments...of that I am positive

    Bvlgari Black - Is en route with my bvlgari aqva. I love the smell. Rubber, vanilla thing going on. Amazing. $20 at scentiments for a tester of 2.5 fl oz (biggest size they make of this)

    Dolce and Gabban Pour Homme - Tobbaco like scent. In my opinion, perfect for nightlife on either warm or cold days. I love it. Girls do too.

    M7 - Probabaly should try this before you get it. To me it smells almost like a fireplace. One of my favorites and youll definitely stand out.

    Burberry Touch/Brit - Dont have Brit but heard it was great. Touch is a great fragrance. You can go to a dept. store and try these two out. I have gotten a lot of compliments with Touch.

    Thats about all I can think of right now in terms of non expensive options. Im pretty brain dead right now. Anyways, just look around the site and test whenever you can. You'll find what you want eventually. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    I think Contradiction for Men is quite underrated.

    Consider giving a vetiver a try, for example, LT Piver Vetiver.
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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    Quote Originally Posted by docluv45
    I think Contradiction for Men is quite underrated.

    Ya know I seem to recall that I didn't particularly like your attitude in a couple posts before, and I still don't.


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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    Test Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche and see if you like it. If so, it should satisfy all your requirements.

    Oh, and Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Introduction/ What to do next?

    Well, I'm an older , Southener and I'm listening to Tejano music right now thru (great site for all types of listening!) as my DW and I love Mexican foods.

    Geir would be a good choice IMO. So would Baldessarini , along with Jean Pascal .

    JP is available thru one of our members:

    Buena suerte!

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    Default :D

    thanks a lot!

    I'm eager to go out and get sniffin' all those you guys recommended!

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