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    Default Vintage Vent Vert EdP -- how I love this

    I scored a four ounce bottle on Ebay a few months ago. Pristine, still wrapped in celophane, well-stored. This juice is so beautiful, ethereal and sparkling in its modernity, I can't imagine why they would have reformulated it.

    The green floral family has never been a favorite -- before this. Galbanum has never been a favorite -- before this. This EdP was a turning point in my acceptance of green florals, and I have to admit I'm rather uninformed as to what other ones are out there. I'm now encouraged to formulate one myself. I researched the notes of the vintage VV, so I have a good basis there.

    Can y'all help me out with some suggestions of other green florals I should sample for a broader view?
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    Default Re: Vintage Vent Vert EdP -- how I love this

    Not a huge fan of green florals either, but vintage Vent Vert is out of this world beautiful. Other green florals that you must try are Ivoire by Balmain (it's also soapy, so you may like that - came out in the 70's - and has an adorable dry and leathery base) and Private Collection by Estee Lauder. I prefer the pure parfum in this one, it's ten times better than the easier to find EDP. Also - Diptyque's l'Ombre dans l'Eau is an unusually beautiful green floral, combining roses and tomato leaves and earth notes...
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