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    Talking The most repugnant fragrant flower in the world, starting to bloom....!

    Okay, I don't know for a fact if the Corpse Flower is THE most horrible smelling flower known to humans, but it's entirely possible as this giant 4 to 6 foot high (or higher) blossom is appropriately named for the putrid fragrance, which attracts carrion beetles and sweat bees.

    Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as the Corpse Flower, is slowly starting to bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York. This is a major event in the horticultural world, and to see live pictures via their webcam, plus a blog and fun plant info, click on the following thread on the men's fragrance board and follow the links there:

    ENJOY! Please don't post responses to this thread here, but rather do so at the men's fragrance board link. Thanks!

    Herb Lady

    P.S. Yes, I know this is a weird thread, but I kind of like weird things, so.....
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