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    Default Fun shopping day! (Reviews)

    I drove about an hour north from my house to a shopping district to pick up something for a friend, when unknowingly in the strip I discovered a few unknown places to smell! The name of the first store was actually "Fragrance" - at least that was the marquee. Once inside I had the woman spray a lot since the frags were behind a counter, and she was getting a little irritated but hey, it's her job! Here are some things I tried:

    A*Men - Finally, after a couple years I finally found this! While it really couldn't have come on a worse day given the scorching weather, I still dug. It would certainly be difficult to wear and I have trouble placing when exactly I would put it on, but it isn't bad at all. I was taken by how manly of a smell this is; I was expecting something more effeminate for some reason. Even though it has a lot of food notes, I wasn't put off by it like I feel for Very Irresistible. It is real heavy, but it also has a tint of warmth that makes it seem like it would be cozy to wear, barring the mega sillage. (Girlfriend said "mmm")

    Bijan Wicked - Someone mentioned that it smells exactly like Chrome and they are 100% correct. You could switch juices in the bottles and no one would ever know the difference between the two. (Girlfriend shook head and said "no, not that one")

    OP Endless - This one is new from OP, but unfortunately it isn't a great offering. Endless is very strong with lemon and green notes, similar to L'eau Par, but more in your face. As a matter of fact, I found this to be more cloying than A*Men in my pocket! (Girlfriend said "Blah too green")

    OP Juice - Now this OP offering is a little bit better. While not very unique, it is a fruity frag that is composed pretty tightly. You know the story - a blast of every fruit dries into a watery musk. (Girlfriend mentioned she knew it from someone she knows)

    Joop Nightflight - I've been trying to search this down for years, and I was really intrigued when I finally sniffed it for the first time. It is much more wearable than Joop Homme by being less heavy, more fresh, and modern beyond its day. It really doesn't smell like it was released roughly 15 years ago, and if I were to be released this year, I'd bet we would all be calling it the savior from aquatic frags. Really awesome is composed much better than the original juice where everything is trying to fly into your nose at once. (Girlfriend said it smells like the original, and when I said they aren't very similar at all, she just commented that it smells like something)

    XS - I'm a little disappointed with this. It does share a lot of similarities with Himalaya, but unfortunately I don't really like that offering from Creed either. This is always recommended for teenage guys looking for something "different" around the boards, but I think it actually leans on the formal side once the watermelon opening fades off.

    Black XS - Ahhhhhh, muuuchh better. What an awesome frag! The strawberry note kicks in and doesn't let go - very addictive. I love the bottle and the frag, now this is what should be recommended for teens in pursuit of the cutting edge of fragrance. Excellent, and I would have bought it immediately but they were only selling large bottles for $65, so I figured I could do better online. (Girlfriend just said, "Whoa - that's different!" and I don't know if she likes it or not!)

    Emporio White - I really like the Emporio series, but this one disappeared in my area several years ago before I was really into frags. I was glad to try this again, and I really liked it from the get-go. The opening has a little bit of the synthetic Armani signature scent, but it dries quite naturally into excellent subtle smoky musk that is quite pleasant to wear. I thought about picking it up, but once again it was $60 for the full bottle so I passed.

    On my way out and back to the car I noticed another store across the street that I never saw before. It is called "Designer Fragrances & Cosmetic Co." and I bolted to the doors as fast as I could. Once inside, I immediately looked around and had a sinking feeling that I had come to the wrong place. The stuff up front was all women's things, and there was hardly any cologne stocked along the walls. It looked more like a specialty boutique you might see in high-end Los Angeles or London locations that only have 10 things to buy in the whole store than some place where I'd go to shop for frags. I decided to stop in the back just to be thourough before I left, and there in the back was a small collection of men's frags that were at RIDICULOUSLY LOW prices. The only designers they had were Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Guy Laroche, but everything was dirt-cheap. I'm talking 50 ml Code for $25, 100 ml Romance for $30, and all the way down the line just real cheap stuff. I bought the 100 ml bottle of Emporio White for $20; you can't even beat that at TJ Maxx! I couldn't believe my bargain buy, so I came right home and decided to share my findings/purchase at B-Notes. The end.

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    Default Re: Fun shopping day! (Reviews)

    Hey John.... shopping days are so wondefully exciting thanks for the taking the time to post reviews.. they were fun to read..


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