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    Default Review of Brosseau Violette Menthe

    I am SO glad I bought Violette Menthe! It's every bit as unusual as I'd hoped, and it's also a lovely, refreshing fragrance. I smelled a sweet powdery violet note (reminding me intensely of Devon Violets, my very first perfume as a little girl) when I first sprayed it, but after about a minute the powdery violet note dissipated. After a couple hours of wear, this fragrance is surprisingly different from what I expected. It's very, very green, and almost earthy. I'd read a long detailed review of Violette Menthe on one of my favorite blogs which described this scent as very powdery. This must be one of those fragrances that's really different depending upon personal chemistry, because it's not powdery on me at all. To my nose it's "grassy" if describing that vague perception conjured by imagination or scent memory. It is not a sweet scent, and not one I would sniff and immediately detect violet or mint. The mint remains as a freshness in the background of the scent, and doesn't smell at all like mint leaves or mint flavoring, etc. It lends a fresh-air quality to the whole composition. I would categorize Violette Menthe with fresh non-citrus fragrances. It's almost...very a marine scent. Perfect for a hot, hot summer day. The lasting power and sillage do not match up to Ombre Rose, but it's a very different type of scent from Ombre Rose, too. Violette Menthe stays quite close to the skin, and it's the perfect type of fragrance to wear in an office, etc. This is a nice, uplifting, well-balanced fragrance that's likely to attract many fragrance-lovers who don't normally enjoy wearing violet scents, as well as violet-lovers.

    So - for those of you who, like me, love green, airy, earthy fragrances, you may love this one, too!
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