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    Default one man's cherry is another man's urinal cake

    I love how everyone changes their minds a lot on here, usually to bend to the will of the fragrance, so to speak schopenhauresquely. It is the way of art, really.

    and I realize at this point I should not be stating my feelings about stuff that I have so little grasp upon, should be waiting till I have more settled preferences, especially to post reviews! (slapping own wrist) but I"ve seen other people recant their reviews, but I am going to restrain myself.

    (I loved silver mountain water, but not hours later after it faded, but now I miss that smell. I loved vetterivu of cdG but now a few hours later I feel trapped by the scent like a christmas in august.)

    so I'm going to be like swann now and try not to offer opinions and only post practical questions/observations!

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    Default Re: one man's cherry is another man's urinal cake

    I know what you mean, but I think life is too short to hold in your opinions. In my opinion we should just trust other people not to put too much stock in them and shoot our mouths off. In this small world we inhabit it is too easy to devalue any opinion because someone else has a different one, I think as long as we respect that others have different views and we try our best not to upset anyone we should express away.

    No one ever reaches a point where they know enough or know everything, so say what you think but be prepared to humbly revise it later.

    Just my 2ps worth!

    "Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. ” - Henri Matisse.

    "Wear R de Capucci" - Hirch Duckfinder


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    Default Re: one man's cherry is another man's urinal cake

    we'll see how long I last aloof!

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