Jette is the daughter of the designer Wolfgan Joop!. Jette Joop and Joop! Parfums are 2 separated brands, but both brands is are under Coty/Lancaster.
Jette Joop fragrance brand is positioned as a "masstige"-brand, a brand that is in between cheap drugstore type scents and more expensive designer scents. Celine Dion, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell are also masstige.

Jette first became famous in Germany as the daughter of. She could then be compared to Paris Hilton, she was famous for being famous. Later, like her father, Jette also became a designer. Yet she choose to put her name on things from jewelery, to ice skating equipment, to shower heads...

Her first scent, called simply Jette, came out last year in Europe and Australia (In Australia, not because Jette is famous there, but rather because her father's Joop! Homme is a top 5 bestseller). The scent is quite succe$$ful.

The ad, which reminds me a bit of that of L'Instant, features Jette Joop herself. Is she a designer or a celebrity?

Jette is a soft floral-oriental (I call that a "day oriental"), that IMHO is along the lines of Lolita Lempicka. The main notes are coriander, pear and pepper - Iris and Bulgarian rose - musk, tonka bean and sandalwood. The bottle was designed by Jette herself, it takes the shape of some of her jewelry pieces. The scent in itself is not something you (even as a perfume addict) couldn't live without. Yet, if you encounter it in a store it's worth sampling.

Jette is now launching her second scent. This time around it's a deeper vanilla-based oriental, as it's called By Night Jette.
Our friend Castorpollux posted the notes in an earlier posting of the missing fragrance discussion board:
top: tender rose petals, jasmine.
middle: vanilla, sandalwoods.
base: vetiver, moss, amber.

The concept's inspiration came from the wild New York's club-scene. The bottle even looks a bit like a disco ball

The ad was shot by famous Swiss photographer Michel Comte (he too has a fragrance line)