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    I thought it might interest you to hear about a nose oriented job I had in college. We were experiment subjects.

    For several weeks we sat in a room together that had a duct syphoning out the top. They'd vary the # of smokers and the amount of smoke sucked out/fresh air pumped in. Afterwards we would fill out a 4 point questionaire about stuffiness, odor, temperature and gee I don't remember the last one.

    Then nonsmokers were moved out of the room to a room down the hall. At intervals we would walk down the hall, go into the room that had the room with the syphon (which was kind of a mobile home affair) where there was, connected to the other end of the syphon, a box with a sliding door we'd open, stick our heads insto, sniff, and then we had to do the questionaire, with an added bit:

    What was really weird/bad and sort of abortive about this part of the study as far as I as an experiment subject was concerned was that we were supposed to rate the intensity of the odors according to this scale by sniffing a carousel of test tubes containing in various concentrations. For me, as soon as I could smell the biting alcohol it seemed the smell of the room was pretty much eclipsed by that tang, no matter how stuffy it was in there.

    One thing I did learn was that women have a more sensitive sense of smell as a general rule. One could tell if I'd eaten garlic the day before without getting anywhere near me. Maybe she was just a prodigy.

    Another thing I learned, this was in 1979-80, from the housewives, was that at the time of the Iran hostage crisis, it was clear the US was going to go into primal hate rabies mode for some time to come. We got $4/hr. which was pretty good pay to do my homework and read Proust.

    These experiments were used to create guidelines for standards of ventilation. Now the smoking rooms are outdoors.
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