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    Smile Mystere de Rochas

    What is your experience of this fragrance? Anyone?

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    Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to Basenotes, my fellow UKer!!

    Now - I am a rabid chypre lover, adore them in any form but I must admit that Mystere has me beat.

    It is a very dry, rich, mossy floral chypre - polished and refined but sadly it is just not for me. I believe this is down to the vat load of aldehydes in this blend which never soften and mellow as the scent wears on, but stay high pitched and brittle for the life of this perfume on the skin.

    Once in a while in hot weather I crave it and if I do the walk through method I can actually enjoy the beauty of this classic perfume. So I am destined to always have a bottle around.

    I consider Rochas Mystere to be the No.5 of the chypre family. Its dependence on aldehydes marks it as different from the rest. Whether or not one discovers the true beauty of this original formula is entirely dependent upon temperament and chemistry - so it is best to try it and decide for yourself.

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    As much as I enjoy Mystere de Rochas on others, (mostly in its middle but esp. drydown stage) I find it almost unwearable for me... I have a very difficult time getting through that initial stage of openning of Mystere de Rochas, I find it althogether too much... So when I smell it on someone at work, as I used to but now that's getting quite rare these days too, (the lady who used to wear it, now wears Chanel Chance), I really like it!
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