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    Default Perfume Counter vs. Movie Theater

    My trips to the perfume counter parallel my trips to the movie theater. I love Empire Strikes Back and I adore Dunhill Desire. But the majority of mainstream scents and films leave me disgusted. Davinci Code, Pulse, Miami Vice, Little Man, Thing in the Water, WTC, all are as amazing as the scents I tried today:

    Sean Jean - Unforgivable, light spice with a twist of forgettable. After all isnt this the dude who made it big on sampling 90's songs? The fragrance doesnt fall to far from the man. Hmm its Stone's beliefs not his auteurship that shows in WTC a cheap attempt at glamour using a major event. Is Diddy jealous that Jay Z practically owns him now and has a flaming hot armpiece to boot?

    Lacoste Green - Ferrari Red crashed into a soap factory. A bit much leaving me with nothing kinda like Davinci Code

    Boss Collection - Yep its a collection of everything Boss ever made but nothing original. Wayans used to be funny now their just Little Men.

    Lucky No. 6 - GORGEOUS packaging, PHENOMENAL concept in a lame production, a light spice at first that goes nowhere and makes you wonder where are they going with this until it ends. Lady, get out the water its pretentious and boring you'll fall asleep and drown.

    Anthony Logistics - Snazzy, hip retro packaging, finely constructed, fun, scents DERIVATIVE OF EVERY DAMN THING OUT THERE GET SOME FRIKIN ORIGINALITY!!! I felt like I was watching Ray Charles in Heat. hmm that'd make a better movie albeit a politcally incorrect one.

    Versace goes subtle. Nothing loud and in your face. Nothing provacative just a copy of Light Blue. Why bother? Its been done. There's no need to remake D&G light blue, THERE'S NO NEED TO REMAKE PULSE! The original was fine. Go do your own homework.

    Then once in a while something gets you thinking, do I dont I? Do I dont I? I'm kinda liking the over the top fun of the new Valentino. Not a classic but enjoyable none the less with a point. I'd wear it on a Talledega Night but never on a Night of Shooting Stars, that would be for a Villoresmi.

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    Default Re: Perfume Counter vs. Movie Theater

    Great post and apt observation. One could make such a point for many things other than movies. Does mainstream music ring a bell? But just as I avoid the radio, I try to avoid brands like the ones you mentioned and I end up being overall pretty happy with both the music and the scents in my life.

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