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    Default Songes (Annick Goutal)

    ...Wearing Annick Goutal Songes today (and last night) and I am just loving it!
    I admire Annick Goutal as a perfumer and as person and for being one of the few women in her field. I love her approach and the personal touch that all of her perfumes have - the stories and he emotions behind them. She is a remarkable woman and I wish I was able to meet her in person and that she did not have to die so tragically and so young.

    Unfortunately, most of the Annick Goutal scents do not work for me.
    Most of them feel too green or soapy on my skin, and although they are so delicate and refined, their presence is too sharp for me. It might be skin chemistry or it might be something else. Eau de Sud have been the only scent that really mingled well with my skin so far...

    Yesterday, I got a package of samples from a generous Basenoters in London - rigth from Les Senteurs, and among them was Songes, which I was looking forward to try since its debut, but unfortunatley it didn't make it here to Canada (yet) and the SA's were not sure if it ever will (why would we be left out???).

    Songes was exactly what I expected it to be, and might be the first Annick Goutal that I would actually buy a full bottle of, as I had hoped it would

    It's a creamy and soft white floral, and although it has a definite presence, it is very gentle. Wearing is it like being wrapped in a fluflly cloud of subdued flowers from the tropics, washed by gentle rain, than dried again to excude a delicate, far more tolerable sweetness. The opening is a lush, creamy gardenia (not the heady bobmshell that is Gardenia Passion), along with yalng ylang and jasmine, and than comes a creamy tuberose with incensey undertones (at this stage it reminds me of Noix de Tubereuse, less the slightly plasticky/lipstick like note there), along with slightly tea-like notes of jasmine and a tiniest hint of green and peachy fruitiness that dissipates after a couple of minutes. It's smooth and round and there is no particular note standing out, all the notes create together a tropical floral dream and a lazy feeling of satisfaction. The dry down is sweet and ambery with powdery vanilla. It's never too sweet nor cloying. Just sheer pleasure and a good measure of modesty. It's a sensual white floral without being bombareous or pretentious.
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
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    Default Re: Songes (Annick Goutal)

    By the way, the concentration I was sampling is the EDP. Does anybody know if it comes only in the round yellow flacon with the moon, or does it come in the standard Annick Goutal spray crystal bottles as well?

    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
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    Default Re: Songes (Annick Goutal)

    Dear Ayala,

    Songes comes in the regular AG bottle as well, which I find good as I do not find the moon bottle particularly beautiful.
    I adore the EdP which has more of the frangipani (plumeria) scent I was after, whereas the EdT is lighter and more jasminy.

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    Default Re: Songes (Annick Goutal)

    I just got the original bottle, though in the lesser concentration (edt). I don't like the moon bottle particularly either, especially not after seeing it myself - the stopper is gold colour and just doens't seem to go well with the frosted yellow bottle. The EDT is lighter, but it's still the same scent. I am enjoying it very much.
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
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    Default Re: Songes (Annick Goutal)

    Enjoy Ayala!
    The frangipani element transports me immediately to Bali under big flowering trees. This is why I originally searched for a scent as true to those flowers as possible. Later in the autumn I can do a flower to wrist comparison as I am heading back to the beautiful island for a couple of weeks to escape the winter grayness.

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