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    Default creed vs cocaine (more newbie thoughts) nr 88 cuiron

    I never hear anything about how frosty and cool creed is going on. to me there is something almost like eucalyptus in the opening of all of the ones I've tried: GIT, SMW, MI - a definite mintyness, to me.

    And no doubt about it, putting the stuff on is a big rush, the scents are seductive in a unique way and you greedily flare your nostrils and inhale deeply. maybe some of it passes by your gums at this stage and there is an added effect!

    the thing is...

    after the 1 hour buzz, the 'high and dry' - when the original scent is gone and only the "creed smell" remains on my skin, - is actually something akin to crashing or having a hangover.

    not only do you miss what you had but it's like your being punished for it with this weird "Creed" smell that, ironically, I find very unnatural, like a bad aftertaste of . . . oh... I don't know ... something like the coating on a Biaxin (antibiotic) or something. medicinal.

    it's depressing as you begin to lose the boffo opening fragrance as it is overtaken by the purgatory "Creed smell", which is present at the opening too, but there it's in its proper place like way in the background!

    Since the folks at creed must know more than I do, to say nothing of y'all, I will certainly keep using the stuff awhile and see how it develops.

    and I plan to go check out erolfa and the other two big buys out there... and I want to get to know the scottish lavender better and certainly am going to keep an open mind. I mean I didn't like a lot of great things, oh like the bartok piano concertos, for example, the first time I experienced them.


    nr 88

    I get a kick out of it. it may be just what I've read in the reviews, but I really do see it on someone like wearing chrome hearts or something. a "rebel"/rebel with fuck you money or least an attitude. the thing about the rose is here it's in such an aggressive mix. different from the other rosey thing I tried the other day (attar?) and rose scents really do give me a headache but I think this one. . . used judiciously (I mean if was after I washed a bit I liked it best!) might be missing the headache factor for me. something I find exciting about this stuff, and I wonder if it's the press I read about it here more than the fragrance itself but I think not. I think it's that the rose here is hypermasculinized.

    and as I have posted 2x I keep thinking it would be fun to combine it with cdg avignon, but my 2 samples of avignon are gone. so I can't try that. although I think it would also be cool with "tar" or "skai" or even "Garage" now that would be really chrome hearts.

    I think the incense cdg's are very close to the synthetics.

    anyway, on that clothing and fragrance thread, nr 88 definitely conjures up some visuals: chrome hearts or rick owens or something. . .

    oh yeah: and da shit LASTS!!!



    I slathered some on with the rollon and. . . it's so strong! so bravo for that after all the watered down concoctions I've been drawn to. But I really needed to wash it off and try again with a lighter hand.

    whatever the other smells are besides leather, they seem dominant when you first put it on... it's tangy!!

    I mean I never really got to the leather cause my nose was being singed and it was time for a shower anyway...


    well, I decided my like a virgin thoughts might still be of interest phenomenolgically (sic)
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    Default Re: creed vs cocaine (more newbie thoughts) nr 88 cuiron

    An eight ball of cocaine costs roughly the same as a bottle of creed
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