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    Default Jovan Fresh Patchouli

    I just found some of this at a flea market in town and bought a bottle. Am impressed by how lovely it is! Lovely, green grassy note with an herbal freshness that reminds me of a gentle combination of fir, balsam and lime, the patchouli in this smells less earthy and more 'leaves ripped straight from the plant' which is a smell I know first-hand, since I grow it. I went outside and pulled some leaves to compare straight away, and yep - there it was. Patchouli with the sap still on. I love this stuff, a patchouli that truly is fresh enough to wear in the summer heat. Has anyone else tried it? It's hard to find, to be sure.
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    Default Re: Jovan Fresh Patchouli

    I've actually tried this. They have it at Wal-Mart every once in awhile. I have patchouli essential oil when I want to wear patchouli, so I've never bought a bottle of the Jovan. I agree it is quite nice though.
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    Jovan is sold in most of the drug stores in Germany so I will look for this. I confess a guilty affection for their musk oil (original formula). Thanks for the tip!
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