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    Default Need a new parfume?

    Hello. I am 15 years old, and i begin on the last year of high-school in just 2 days. So ofcourse i would like a parfume. As of now, i actually thought that parfumes was just Axe-cans and other deosprays, but they sure aren't. We only have a small shop that sells parfumes, and they only got crappy ones like CK One. So i have to buy one blindly from the internet, and would like some suggestions on something that can last more than 10 hours and smells really nice. Any suggestions? I have heard good thing about Davidoff - Cool Water, but i dunno.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Welcome to Basenotes! Good to know you're taking the time to pick a nice fragrance.

    Not all fragrances last up to (or over) 10 hours though, and it's rather hard to tell you what would be nice if we don't know what you like. Is there any specific group of scent that attracts you? Sweet, fresh, heavy, woody, cool? Did you own anything in the past that felt like it suited you? That info would sure help out.
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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    My stepdad have a Farrari in a transperant bottle, which smells really nice and fresh, but that's sorta like the only one i have really smelled too.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Man, at 15 I did not even dream of wearing perfume. Good for you! You've come to the right place, if you want advice - the problem is indeed to get a sense of what you want and that can be really hard "virtually," without being able to actually try out these perfumes. Not only are tastes and perceptions extremely subjective in this area, but every skin reacts differently to a certain perfume and the results can be lightyears apart.
    That said, most people in your age group would probably be wearing - if not Axe or the like - rather light, fresh, "aquatic" scents - you mentioned Cool Water. Something along that line, or perhaps a modern citrus scent would probably be more suitable than heavy spicy fragrances that project big bucks, gentlemanliness, maturity etc.
    I gave my son Joop's "What about Adam" for his 18th - it's fresh, young, but not as boring as Aqua di Gio and more interesting than Cool Water IMHO. This year, for his school graduation, he got Jil Sander for Men (the flat round bottle with a black top), which he also likes alot. You can check those out in the basenotes directory.
    Good luck on your frag hunt.
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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    My last year in high school I bought a bottle of Emporio Armani He. Cool Water or one of its variants is not a bad choice, I've heard some good things about Paul Smith London being a fun, fresh fragrance, L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake is light but lasts awhile and is reasonably complex but still really wearable, Chanel Allure Sport is a fairly young fragrance. I mean I'm assuming you want to get something you can wear every day that smells good and isn't going to choke people out. If you have a good amount of money you might want to look at maybe L'eau D'hiver by Frederick Malle
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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Thanks for the answers. But i would still like some more, because afterall this is my first blinddate with a real cologne.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    It really is a good idea to try if at all possible before buying something. No matter how "good" a fragrance is, it will never appeal to everyone, and it is a disappointment to spend good money on something you won't want to wear.

    That being said, I think Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger is a nice one that is easy to enjoy.



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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Eau Sauvage

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Quote Originally Posted by pluran
    Eau Sauvage
    As a teenager myself, 16 yo, I wouldn't recommend this if you're going blind.
    Of course you may like it, but it has a little grown-up character which I think appeals more to mature guys.

    Some pretty safe scents for a teenager would be: Brit by Burberry and Dior Homme as evening-scents (Burberry London could also be nice, but a little more casual), and as casual/daytime use; Allure Homme Sport by Chanel, and Bulgari Extreme PH.
    Cool Water may also be a good and safe buy, and girls love it, something I don't think you would mind :P

    There are lots of better and more interesting scents out there, but as many of them are more expensive, those I, and others have listed may be better to start with.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Since you are young and new to fragrances, maybe you would like something that is considered 'safe' and likeable to those around you and yourself? If so, maybe you would like Acqua di Gio, by Armani. It is very common in the next bracket of age group above yours, but you'll be ahead of the curve . It is an aquatic scent that isn't really that bad, and you'll most likely receive compliments from the surrounding ladies and guys. You will probably like it too.

    EDIT: haha, no pun intended with the 'curve' comment.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Swiss Army - fresh and long lasting. If you want to go one up on that, Chanel Platinum Egoiste.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    You might want to take a look at Azzaro Chrome.

    Muglar Cologne is also a great, fresh cologne that won\'t smell like everyone else.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Quote Originally Posted by pesurf
    You might want to take a look at Azzaro Chrome.

    Muglar Cologne is also a great, fresh cologne that won\'t smell like everyone else.

    I agree with Chrome or Mugler Cologne Two cheap nice fresh fragrances. I'm 16 though, and I love anything from light to extremely heavy frags so maybe you will like them too. But I'd start off with the two pesurf mentioned above. You can get them from for cheap.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    I'd reccommend Unforgivable by Sean Paul. It is sweet and good and smells similar to another cologne by a top-of-the-line perfumery called Creed, which you'll find lots of Basenoters talking about. It should be readily available at a good price and I think it will be a good match for your age, even though it is a sophisticated scent. People at school will certainly ask you what you're wearing, and then when you tell them, they'll all want to get some, but you'll be the first. One thing I don't reccommend is going to the mall or some other retail store and asking the sales associate for help picking one out. They'll most likely guide you to a fragrance that they will make money off of selling to you. It's always better to test at the store, then buy online.

    Trust me on the Unforgivable - the chicks and everyone else will like it.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Mugler Cologne
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Armani Mania
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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    A very warm welcome to you!!

    I would look at Geir by Geir Ness. It is a great scent for you age and it is widly liked by all who smell it. I've recieved so many compliements while wearing this one and I think you will too. It is EDP stength so it has greath longevity with sillage that is just right. Try it out.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    Ahhh! Geir...

    Wearing it today. So good, when I wear it I can't stop smelling myself.

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    you should sample things and not buy a bottle outright... unless it's Mark Birley, which would make you the coolest in the schoolest

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    Default Re: Need a new parfume?

    i really liked quasar by j del pozo when i was younger
    but im not really into fresh scents anymore....
    maybe you will like it.

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