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    I was a frag. junkie for many years, back when BN first got started. At that time, I tried many but finally settled on Grey Flannel (just smells clean and fresh to me). After several years hiatus I got the bug again, started buying and returned to the new BN board. For me the original "kick" was to find the perfect signature scent. Now I'm questioning what to do. I have at least 3 or 4 frags that I like as much or more than the GF -- and about 30-40 bottles for "archival" purposes that I may wear in private or out with the wife. What do you guys do, I always supposed that if I wore a variety of frags. folks like coworkers would think I was a flake (I am, and probably others here are as well, but we don't want others to know!). So what to do? Stick with the one I like the most (at least for months); change off every few days/ weeks; or, change daily or ever few days?

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    Hello and welcome back!
    I used to have a "signature scent" and it was Kouros for years...(guys please don't start). Only because I really loved it so much. I think it may have to do with age/maturity/attitude or whatever but I got both tired of using the same scent and felt like I was depriving myself of the pleasure of experiencing other scents. I just got more relaxed about trying different things.
    As a result, I discovered many gems (and later, many more thanks to Basenotes).
    Now, I don't understand why I would limit myself in such ways. I admit, I do worry a bit about what scent I wear in public (no RdV by MPG) but I wear fragrances (I always have) for my own pleasure. This is why I now rotate my scents based on my mood and the weather, and sometimes the occasion.
    I recommend that you start rotating. If you still end up with a fixed group or even one scent, then fine.
    I don't really think others would feel you're a flake because you use a variety of scents. I find that there are far more important factors you are judged by in life (if you even care about that).
    Enjoy yourself!
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    Default Re: Usage Patterns

    I think it depends a bit on your fragrance context. By that I mean:

    a) do you wear fragrance for yourself or for others?
    b) do you feel that a properly worn fragrance leaves noticable sillage or that others should have to be in your personal space (though that is a cultural term and relative) to detect your fragrance?
    c) how compulsive are you in exploring different fragrances?

    Personally, 80% of the time I'm wearing fragrance for myself, I believe in noticable sillage and I think I've made about 8 samples purchases (4-7 samples in a purchase). Since you can't get a good sense of a fragrance without wearing it, I wear the samples in to work (as witnessed in the SoTD).

    This is very different from your position. You've got what I would call a modified 'signature fragrance' setup. I haven't found a signature fragrance yet, perhaps I will change if I find something that *really* works for me.
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    Once you explore any particular field, whether wine, food, music, clothes you encounter diversity. Diversity is pleasure. It's experiencing the wealth of possibilities, variations, of human creativity and the satisfaction of this experience and learning the fine details and the artistry involvedis what such hobbies are about. If you love 10, 20, 30, 200 perfumes, why not wear them?
    I love wine and I'm not going to stick to merlot with my dinner. I want dry sherry with the gambas, a Riesling with the fish, Grenache-Syrah for the lamb, a Beerenauslese with my dessert and a vintage port with my cigar. If Bud Light works 24/7 for other people, fine, but I'm gonna have me a polymorphous-perverse good time while I still can . So party on, don't dream it, spray it. You don't wear the same grey suit every day either, right?
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    I change it daily if I need to. It all depends on the weather and what I feel like that day. If I'm doing something important or going on a date (yeah right) then I'll pick something more formal and special to me.

    Some times I'll go a few days on the same juice. I feel like I am going to run out quicker if I use it multiple days in a row so I don't do it too often. I like to smell different things each day anyway. I think it keeps each one smelling amazing to me because I don't get tired of wearing a certain smell.

    I even go for two different smells in one day. If I take a shower and the weather changed or something is going on that might call for a new scent then I will change it.

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    Terre D'Hermès has the potential to be my "signature scent", but I do get curious and want to try other fragrances, especially after reading these forums and websites!

    In practice I use different scents all the time, depending on my mood
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